5 reasons why I eventually let my children become “top models”

I never watch fashion shows. I hate the mere idea of exhibiting my kids on stage in front of foreigners. I am not a fashionista at all and I ll never be.Yet I let my kids walk on the runway, and it has been a great experience!

  1. They perform in a safe environment 

I let them perform at school and at school only. “Performing on stage” is an afternoon optional class offered in my kids’ school. The little students get to play only in front of their classmates and their teachers. No reward, no judgement. No competition whatsoever. The school’s moto is “Every child is special” and they walk the talk, always appreciating the talents of each individual child.

In Cambridge, Modelling is just another teaching tool. The teachers are not casting directors, but professionals eager to give the children “a greater sense of who they are” and “teach them discipline while boosting their confidence“, as Teacher Christine had told me.

2. they learn how to listen and focus

My daughter is not at ease in public, to say the least. While my son (the one with the straw hat in the clip) couldn’t care less. She feels reassured when she understands exactly what she has to do while he is an intuitif. She needs to learn how to be more confident and trust herself a bit more. Her brother would need to learn to focus and play by the rules (for a change).

Modelling is not as easy as it seems because there is nothing natural here: the kids have to learn how to set their facial expression (smile), stay concentrate on where they are going, stand up right and know how and when to strike a pause.

It was easier for most of the girls, they already have years of practice playing Princesses. It was a bit more challenging for the boys but they were so focused on the instructions given by the teachers that they managed to play the game and compose themselves. All set for the next James Bond!

3. Cat walking helps in developing their self esteem

The teachers were constantly encouraging the kids. I could really feel for the shiest little princesses, especially this beautiful one who could not even crack a little smile for most of the class. But who could resist a crowd of classmates and teachers assuring you how great you are doing? She rewarded us with a priceless little smile 🙂

My daughter told me she initially did not want to go on stage. She felt she had to because all her friens were up to it, but she was so uncomfortable poor thing. The first time I felt like jumping on stage and give her a big hug. Not sure she would have appreciated the public outburst of love… Good I managed to refrain myself because I could see the butterflies flying away from her little belly as soon as she started her second walk on the runway. ” I remembered all the things I had to do and I felt so tall on the stage that it made me laugh. Plus teacher said I was doing very good“. The pressure was gone and she was really having fun. The teachers did not have to call her name for the third walk!

The clip hereafter starts with 3 pictures of another little princess. The first 2 ones were taken in the first 30 mn of the class. Look at the confidence she gained after one hour. Her posture says it all…At the end of the class, she was so relax and proud to have done it:

4. Performing strengthens the collaboration between kids

This was as heartwarming as unexpected to me. Modelling looks totally narcissistic to me, I could never imagine it would help kids getting closer to each other. I was wrong. The kids were encouraging and supporting each other, almost in a “maternal” way, encouraging the shiest to walk and smile. They were not laughing at each other but really laughing together at their own performances.

5. Last but not least.. because they do have fun!

Here is a glimpse of the hour I spent as a privileged VIP guest of the fashion show…Just click on the picture and let me know what you think:



8 thoughts on “5 reasons why I eventually let my children become “top models”

  1. Super cool slide-show and adorable models! Stephanie, you did very right that let your kids take part in this show, they will never forget it and learn a lot of things. I am also not fond of fashion shows and everything devoted to exhibitions of yourself, but in such an age where they discover this world, it’s a great experience for them to learn something completely new…and without any after effects…they can develop their skills of being not afraid of audience and being able to control your emotions, which will be very useful in their future. It’s a school of life, i guess!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I think it will help her a lot in her professional life, she would be at ease when talking to an audience and participating to discussions for instance without always looking for a place to hide.. You can already see the change after a few sessions, she really gained more confidence, but nothing arrogant. You can tell she is less intimated. A great step already ..

  2. Love it! My daughter just had her rehearsal for her dance school’s huge yearly recital which is coming up this weekend. Every time I see her on stage I know how much she loves it up there. She switches into a entirely different gear. I agree with the points listed above and can tick them off in regards to my daughter and her performance. Now I’m honestly considering signing her up for acting / singing classes…

    1. It’s been the same with my daughter, and I am considering the singing class too. And even for me actually 😉 (but definitely not on stage! )

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