Time to unpack

(Almost) Back in Cebu!

Sorry I havent been very responsive to all the sweet comments lately, but we signed for a “non Wifi package” there. Our only connections were in 3D.

Just time to sort the pictures and you’ll have a glimpse of our family holidays in the Empire of the Rising Sun..  For those who have been following me for a while, you know I am not the pitch perfect organised mother, to say the least. Don’t expect the usual best tips on traveling with kids. I tend to believe that my inner sense of disorganisation is actually developing their resilience. We got lost on a bike trip, Ms Attila and me, at night in Tokyo. A couple of days later, we arrived in the most dirty Airbnb flat. When I told Marcel that I bet our hosts had misread our booking, we checked it.. To realise that it was us who had arrived a day earlier. It was 9 PM, we had traveled all day.. and we had to go back to the train station to look for some Youth Hostel. Some kids would have whined for hours. Ours loved camping among backpackers, loaded with rice and seaweeds.

We met awesome people, had the best sushis of the universe, wandered in bamboo forests and among deers, felt the exciting energy of cities and the invigorating vibes of Mother nature, lost track time and days, well I guess we can say we had a blast!

Stay tuned… Happy to see you again 🙂


26 thoughts on “Time to unpack

  1. So happy to hear you again, I missed you a lot! As I see you definitely have a great time, super! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Take care and relax after all adventures!

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Can’t wait to catch up with all I missed, I bet there are more beautiful flowers in your blog! Have a lovely week end dear, can’t wait for the school to resume to really relax 😉

      1. It’s really good to see you back! Nah, now there are no pictures in my blog, it’s autumn here, so only colorful leaves mostly! Relax well and enjoy weekend! Take care!

  2. Welcome back:) I enjoyed virtually traveling through Japan with you! What adventures you had ! And backpackers with tons of rice and seaweed sound like a perfect group of people to hang out with! I’m so happy that you all had an amazing trip!!

    1. I couldn’t believe how many tons of rice my kids could actually eat. But the Japanese one is really good, cooked with vinegar, and the seaweeds are like chips (somehow 😉
      What a fun night it was. You have to imagine a Japanese bunk bed, me squeezed between the kids down and their giant Dad banging his head on the celling each time he was moving. Our cheapest night and definitely the funniest one 🙂 X

    1. THanks so much! Almost done with unpacking .. It had been such a long time since I experienced a place so radically different and unique. And so perfectly organised. My body has landed but my mind is definitely taking its time to come back 😉
      Glad to see you here and I’ll definitely pay a visit to your great blog very very soon X

  3. Ay, I was just thinking about you too! I thought you just dropped off from the face of Word Press! Glad to see you back. Cant wait to read more about your Japan (mis)adventures. Always makes for fun story telling eh? 😉

    1. Indeed 😉 Plus perfect holidays are boring, aren’t they? Adventures are all about discoveries, and getting lost on a bike with a 5 yo in a totally foreign country, at night, was a story to remember. She proved the best copilot ever, very supportive and coming with great solutions (like “no worries, if we see a plane we ll know the airport is nearby so we ll just take a plane to France or to the Philippines”). The Starbucks sign was like out Oasis. Alleluia, we had reach a place where people would understand us and have wifi.. We ordered our chocolate scone, our teas, and almost sang God Bless America ! 😉

      1. No such thing as perfect Estelea. All the (mis)adventures make life more interesting! Your little Ms. Atilla proved to be a worthy copilot/traveler/navigator. 🙂 She is fearless like mama! How can we live without our wifi eh? God bless Starbucks too! heheh…

      2. Wifi in Japan is actually more a necessity than a luxury . We found our way back thanks to another tourist who had google map on his phone. So simple! Ok, it makes our life far too easier, but with a tired toddler , after a full day exploring the town … Yep, Internet is indeed great 😉

      3. Hmm.. I wonder if the story would be different if you had the little Mr Atilla with you… 😉

    1. Take two teams of bikers. The girls, led by one definitely more used to subways and buses. The boys, led by one who could be Deutsch as he is so at ease on the damned bike. The boys are far in front. The girls are moaning behind. The boys take a turn the girls didn’t see (too busy trying not to run over all those people !). Then what? we keep on biking our way, till we realise night is falling, that we dont have the address of our apartment, we have no idea where we are and obviously no network.. Welcome to our life!
      Ms Attila proved to be such a sporty copilot. Very positive and fun.. so we asked a farang for directions (bless Google Map!), made it to a Starbucks (bless the free wifi!) and called the boys (bless Skype !)…
      And 3 h after, we reconnected in 3 D. So relieved I forgot to be mad .

      At least we had fun (in retrospect !)

      1. Hahaaahaahhahaahahhahahha! Sorry..I can’t stop laughing reading your story! Ms Atilla sounds like a real sport, and probably puts you in perspective too! At least you didn’t lose HER, or that would have been horrible!!! 3 hours later, you still found each other. A happy re-union and a story you can re-tell a thousand times!!! xxx

      2. No way I can ever loose her, she is stuck to me 😀 She was such a trooper, you have no idea, repeating “Mum, we gonna find the station and have a great cappuccino” or ” you re not great at biking but still I love you ” .. The worse scenario would have been to get lost with her bro, screaming, not wanting to walk, having another of his special tantrum..brrrr… scary thought 😛

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