A Mundane Monday from the Japanese toilets …

What’s more Mundane than a WC?

I am the proud Mum of 2 toddlers, hence fluent in “pipi, poopoo”. The toilet stop with hyperactive kids is dreadful, as toilets are never clean enough, kids need to be carried, the cabin is always too small for 3 ( me and the kids, together no matter what!). At least mine don’t need nappies anymore. Sounds familiar?..

Then you land in Japan. And pipipoopoo becomes a symphony.

Here “Comfort Room” has a real meaning,

How can Japanese spend so little time there (at least in the public ones)? I had experienced some great ones in Thailand (probably imported from Japan), but nothing prepared me for the luxury and the perfection of those ones. Mega icing on the cake: the special attention given to babies and toddlers. In case you are not sure how to use them, check the first pict before making yourself comfortable 😉

In response to “Mundane Monday Challenge“, created by the talented Trablogger to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs on his blog.


27 thoughts on “A Mundane Monday from the Japanese toilets …

    1. Of course I did! they are incredible, it is a unique experience, you can select the temperature, the direction of the flush, there is a heater, a deo, and in case you are planning to deliver more than a pipi, just press the music and you wont disturb your neighbour (I thought they would be extreme enough to provide a play list but it is only the sound of flush. You can adjust the volume too)..
      Not only super comfy, but it comes with free wifi 😀

  1. I lived in Japan for a year and I really miss these now. One of the features is Flushing Sound, complete with volume control, that’s really discreet and thoughtful! I’m sure you have also experienced another type which has a blower from below and yet another type which has a heated seat rim.

    1. Those ones are incredible, aren’t they? the heated seat was weird at first, but you get used to it for sure. And man this blower was something too, it is incredible that people have thought about things like that. In French, we sometimes call CR “thrones”. In Japan, they really mean it. I can understand you miss them, they got me addicted after 2 weeks only, I thought about opening one like that here in Cebu, with fish spa and free wifi 😉 But then how do you know it s time to kick the client out?

      1. I lived/worked in the outskirt of Tokyo for half a year. Then moved to a smaller city and I was lucky to have direct view of Mt. Fuji from my bedroom everyday! That was almost 19 years ago and I still go to Japan occasionally for vacation 🙂 I love your idea of toilet+fish spa+wifi, lol

  2. Oh Estelea, you crack me up! At first I thought it was about the jeepneys, but then, this is way better ! 😛 But help me out, I don’t get the first photo…what is wrong with the first sitting position? It looked the same to me as the “correct” one. And I am amazed at the different style toilets they have! I’ve seen the squat ones in Singapore though. Very “comforting” post, indeed.

    1. the first is ok, but the second not as the guy is not seated in the right position. When he ll press the “shower” button, it might not be very enjoyable as it would go straight to his .. well, you see what I mean 😛
      I totally agree that number 3 is far more explicit ! 😀

    1. You got to see it (and hear it) to believe it! It made me feel so sorry for Japanese traveling in Paris. They must believe we French are sooo dirty and noisy (well…)

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