Chat, drink and be cozy

The Photo Challenge of this week is “to share a photo of something that you consider a marvellous treat‘.

What I miss from home? chatting with my best friend while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee and breathing Autumn. Boots, jeans, crispy air and flushed cheeks..



5 thoughts on “Chat, drink and be cozy

  1. Oh, I can imagine, dear Stephanie, and I would like somehow to cheer you up, so here I am and ready to gossip with a cup of coffee in my hand….

    1. Jump in my private jet and ll drop you in CH for XMas 😉 Ahhh…And the grilled chestnuts with hot chocolate …

      1. Oh yes! The grilled chestnuts… I think you can get them here in Melbourne in June/July… But I never really found them (guess it’s because I did not go to the city to look for them…)

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