Quote Challenge Day 1: Reading ..


“The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

Dr Seuss

In response to Lucile de Godoy quote challenge. The rules are to post 3 quotes over 3 days and nominate 3 bloggers each time to carry on with the challenge. My fab nominees are …

Ann from Grubbs n Critters

Belle from That Traveling nurse and last but not least

Ann from Anroworld


32 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 1: Reading ..

    1. Hehehe, actually yes! I can’t get used to reading on the Ipad and I still always carry a book in my bag. OK, now that I am a full time mum, it sometimes stay in the bag for a while 😉 But still .. How about you? (btw, good to “see” you again!)

      1. love the good old book, I need to feel it, turn the pages… tried an e-reader but did not like it at all. And with the kids: my eldest is now eight and prefers reading on her own (ideally in bed, until midnight…), so personal reading- and book-time is increasing again – what a joy!
        yes, back again, “had to” spend some time in Lisbon, vacation with the family 😉
        Looking forward to your quotes the next couple of days…!!

      2. reading on her own.. for hours..waou, that’s even more than joy, it’s pure bliss! 😉
        You can be proud that she enjoys reading so much. Another traveler in the making 🙂
        Welcome back in the blogosphere, I have never been to Lisbon but it is definitely on the list. I heard so many great things about Portugal..

      3. yes, Lisbon is great, friendly folks all over the place, a mixture between new style, renovation and falling apart, cafés excellent with quite a different pricing compared to Hamburg (and Paris, I guess) – espresso 60ct…
        Next time you’re in the “Old World” do let me know and we can meet up for a drink in one of those wonderful European cities… 😉

      4. Next Tour Europa scheduled last March for a good month .. Get the coffee ready (not brewed, no Starbucks 😉
        60 cents? does it come in a cup for this price? in Paris as far as I remember it was already about 2 Euros..

  1. Wow, how “fantabulous” to be nominated! Much appreciated my dear. This will force me to come up with something for the next three days. haha. Good thing I am not working tomorrow. But I would like to comment on this adorable little Atilla thumb sucking in his sleep. This is cuteness overload!

    1. My pleasure ! Hug him while he ‘s sleeping or else you’ll probably change your mind when he turns into a little monkey at dawn 😉

  2. I just saw this! Didn’t get any ping back…:/ Will attempt it next week or after…work is killing me! He still is sucking his thumb too, eh? Squirt is the same and can’t seem to get rid of that habit! Lovely picture, btw! Xxx

    1. Just when he falls asleep.So I totally ignore it. He needs all his fingers to pull his sister’s hair and hold his “bangbang”…
      No pressure for the challenge, whenever you have some times.. I just reconnected to wordpress, we have been out for the last month, between the amazing Japanese treat and my little bro visiting.. I definitely owe your blog a visit! Hope the fam is doing great XXX

      1. Japan was awesome, the most beautiful place we ve visited so far. So clean, so kids friendly, and simply stunning. Plus I love their fashion and their food.. Just need to learn Japanese and get a job there for a couple of years . Easy 😛

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