Quote Challenge Day 2 : nature …

Hama Rikyy Gardens (Tokyo)
Hama Rikyy Gardens (Tokyo)

“For the nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver”

– Martin Luther

Day 2 is dedicated to Nature, essential to my physical and spiritual well being. I know the 3 bloggers I am nominating feel the same, so tatata, ladies and gentlemen, welcome the greatissimo

Hubert from Active Outside

Amy from Share and Connect

Kim from Dunelight

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post 3 quotes over 3 days and nominate 3 bloggers each time to carry on with the challenge.


16 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 2 : nature …

    1. Being there was so blissful.. I wasnt used anymore to such calm, perfect Autumn breeze and beautiful nature all around. Yep, I totally fell for Tokyo 🙂 Very glad you like it too

      1. You must put Japan on your travel list, if you havent been there yet 🙂 I am sure you ll come with stunning pictures!

      2. Oh, yes, with pleasure. The only problem is that it’s too far. I hardly can let myself such a journey! Until I can enjoy it through your beautiful photos!

      3. I understand that point.. We did the trip because it is so close to the Philippines, and I dont think it would have crossed our mind if we were in Europe. Or not before retirement anyway 😉

      4. Yeah, so I need to work hard and maybe on some private pension I can let myself go there, however, I should be pretty successful my next professional years! Well, it’s worth, I guess!

      5. Tell you what, your pic are already so beautiful, there seem to be so many jewels all around you already, am I right? 😉

      6. Absolutely! I do not complain, I truly enjoy my surroundings and even more I like living in my city and discovering my country. There are so many unknown places for me!

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 Tokyo to me is the capital of harmony, nature and town, and when Japanese talk garden.. they mean it!

  1. oh, thank you, what a surprise!
    I’ll happily have a closer look in the backyard of my brains to see which quotes might be worth sharing – will start tomorrow… until then I’ll eagerly await your final quote…

    1. So glad you are taking upon the challenge , thanks ! Now the pressure is on you, I am totally eagerly waiting to read your next posts 😉

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