Pray for Paris

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What a terrible news to wake up to. I am devastated, I know those streets so well, this little theatre, I feel for all the people who were there, for their loved ones. I connected to Facebook right away, thanks God my family is safe. I can’t read more news without crying, I can’t believe what has just happened. Again. Frontiers are closed, State of emergency declared. #PrayforParis


35 thoughts on “Pray for Paris

  1. I am speechless … Sorrow fills my heart, I’m with you, your family and friends as France mourns ….

  2. Oh words cannot express how i feel right now!!! I am mad and disgusted and sad at the same time. So sorry…. hugs and prayers to you and everyone affected…

    1. Thanks so much my dear, you have no idea how I appreciate your kind words!
      I just talked to my best friend who happens to live in the street of the Bataclan and I just couldn’t believe my ears. That he was not telling me about the last American movie he saw but about what happened in Paris on a Friday evening. I still can’t imagine my town being under State of Emergency with the army in the streets and people being asked to stay at home. It’s totally surreal and so terribly sad and shocking.

      1. I hope the world learns from this tragedy. We don’t want another 911. Too much hate and evil in this world. I just want to shut my ears and hide under the covers and hoping it’ll all go away. But it wont. We just have to continue to keep going and show that we are not afraid.

      2. You said it perfectly. After the tears and the fears, we have to stand strong and united. And thank God for our life, our blessings, and make sure we make a little difference, even the smallest one.

  3. Les messages de soutien sont réconfortants….Sutthilak m’appelée juste après toi.elle pleurait.cela m’a beaucoup touchée. Bises et shabbatshalom.👐enfin….on y croit,puisque l’on est saufs.

    1. This area of Paris is so very crowded in WE, very young and artsy. We are praying for all those innocents and their family, it is so hard to fathom and so painful. Thanks so much for your kind message, I really appreciate it

  4. It’s a terrible, terrible thing to happen. I thought of a few friends whom I know are still living there and then you and your family and it’s such a relieve to just know that you are not there. These people are super fucked up, it’s ridiculous! MAkes my blood boil. I hope no one you know there are affected. It would be surreal to see the armies on the road in an otherwise, tolerant world. We are mourning with you, and we have been glued to twitter and TV all day. Sad, sad day. Hoping the lock-down wouldn’t last long. xxx.

    1. Thanks so much dear ! Yes it is hard, I have been spending the WE on my phone and on twitter, and I am so thankful my best friend who happens to live in the street of th Bataclan was finally marked safe. Paris is home to me, our safe haven. So terrible to feel your foundations totally shaken. But we ll make it, I am proud of our values and we are praying for the best

  5. Dear Stephanie, let me express my deepest solidarity with your country and your people. I am so shocked that I hardly can write, I cannot compose sentences…grief is too deep. I thought I get used to war, since it became usual in my country, but it seems not…I cannot understand this world and I am so sorry…however, words are not enough to describe my feelings…only cascade of tears…

    1. Dear Ann, you are in my thoughts as well. Thanks so much for your support, your sensibility, and your love to the human being. Take care. Hugs to you.

      1. Hugs to you too and take care, dear Fabio! I would like to see another world, where people from different nations can always support and understand each other…in happiness and grief, in better and worse…

    2. Thanks so much dear for your kind words. THey do mean a lot. There is no way to explain, to justify anything here. Just plain barbary, I know you hear me. What kind of word are we leaving to our children? Of course our country will become more radical, of course the extreme right party will win much more supporters, and we are standing here, hopeless. At least we are alive and so are our loved ones, so we’ll make a difference, in the name of the ones who could not..

      1. I do hope it so much! That’s one of the purposes I am here…It can be so nice to change this world at least for some single moments! Take care and hugs!

  6. Dear Estelea, I am still in shock with this tragedy. It is the second one in less that one year. All my friends at the synagogue are in shock and we are following the news. Hugs to you, your family in the Philippines, and your family in Paris. I am giving thanks that they are safe. Take good care of yourselves! You are in my thoughts, Fabio

    1. THanks Fabio. Yes we are all counted safe, totally in shock but safe. There is an overall feeling of sadness and being lost, but I know we’ll make it. If we are here, it is because we have something positive to bring to the world. There is a time for everything, now is still the mourning time, then we’ll stand all together with the world and make something beautiful come out of all those ashes. Many many hugs back to you 🙂

  7. Speechless also, even two days later. I was traveling and out of touch – did not hear this until I woke up and saw your post. How can we even process such news once, let alone time after time? My heart goes out to your country.

    1. Heartfelt thanks my friend! I have spent so many hours on the social media that I can’t focus anymore. I am trying to be objective, to think rationale, but those terrorists are from a totally different world of values.
      They want us divided, they want us weak and I feel for the Muslim community who will somehow be assimilated to those fanatic terrorists. It is very sad, revolting and very scary. Our foundations are totally shaken and I am not sure the world needs more extreme right parties. Because I fear that they will be the next to rule France. Those attacks are a blessing in their campaign. Very sad times indeed.

      1. Oh, how I wish the non-radical Muslim community would rise up against these people who are waging terror in the name of their religion! You must be exhausted as you try to follow the developments. Peace to you and your family.

      2. Oh yes I am, I think I ll take half a day off tomorrow to force myself to do some yoga.

        A friend posted a cartoon of Snoopy with C. Brown. The kid said “we’ll all die one day” and Snoopy replied “but all the other days, we’ll live!” Cheers to that and to peaceful and happy days!
        Many thanks again for your kind words, they mean a lot.

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