Victory over #ParisAttacks

This week Photo Challenge is Victory : forget the sad times. It’s all about revelling a win.

Because I know that our values will prevail. Because I am so proud of the resilience of my fellow Parisians, to see them back in terraces, standing for our values and our love of life. Victory is reconnecting with our true spirits.





11 thoughts on “Victory over #ParisAttacks

    1. We are all fine, thanks ! Recovering from the shock and feeling so inspired by the strong resilience of my Parisian fellows 🙂

      1. I guess and hope so, given the amount of beautiful messages of sympathy from all over the world. It feels good to know we are not alone, and that we can all stand strong for our values. For life.

    1. At least they show a strong attitude. The fear must be there, as you know, but the will to defeat their values and stand for ours is stronger. It takes so much more energy to look strong, I am really admiring the messages they are sending to the world. Many many thanks dear Anne for your everlasting support XXX

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