Live by the SunS


One of the things I love most about being a Stay at home Mum? My toddlers’ telling me stories made of Princesses, dragons and huge animals with magic powers (yep, I have a girl and a boy).  I love secretly observing them playing “let’s pretend” and creating their own little world and I feel blessed they let me in.

I am supposed to be the one teaching them what our world is, but most of the time it works the other way round. Those little Zen Masters are the ones opening my mind to wonders, and even if I can use a bit of rationale adult talking sometimes, I love it. Why would it be only one sun? A trio looks (and feels) so much nicer, don’t you think?


In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Trio






20 thoughts on “Live by the SunS

    1. I think we all do it, the challenge is to be really good at it. I have been trying this morning, pretending “today I am the most beautiful Princess”. But for some reason my mirror did not want to play the game 😛

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 We need to keep our mind young and active, so the body wont have much choice but to follow the trend, dont you think? have a lovely day dear!

  1. another cuteness overload photo from you!!! 🙂 yes, I believe we can always learn a thing or two from children.

    1. What I d love to have from them is the ability to dress like a Xmas tree or ( a Filipino Bday cake;) and still have the attitude of a Chanel model ! But I guess you can only do that when you are a toddler .. and a senile grand ma!

    1. I must admit (but not out loud) that most of the time, they are the ones who know better 😉 Have a sweet week!

      1. Love it 😀 And yes they still have this spontaneous perception that we should learn to trust sometimes more than ours …

      2. Definitely…. when is it that that perception evaporates? I’m really trying to make the effort to stop what I’m doing, like washing dishes or folding clothes and actually see what my little one is so excited about. And to not feel frustrated that I’m stepping away from whatever I’m doing. A dish vs. my child? The answer of which to choose should be obvious but sometimes it’s easy to claim busyness and lose a chance to interact with a tiny human with a really huge heart.

      3. So true! I think the challenge for us parents is to prepare them for the real world (so they are not too naive and can stand for what they believe) and in the same time make sure they keep their kid’s beautiful heart .. Cheers to messy houses and happy families X

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