Mindful Monday: Chances

tomorrow.jpg“We have tomorrows for a reason …


How would you finish this sentence ?

We can not start over, but we can begin now and make a new ending ..

Wishing you all a peaceful and loving week ❤


19 thoughts on “Mindful Monday: Chances

  1. “spending quality time with family, friends and those who make our hearts sing!”
    As we begin the Thanksgiving week here in the US, I can only think of the gratitude and blessings I have in my life… Especially the friendships built thanks to blogging ! I’m sending you the hugest hug and warm, relaxing thoughts for the upcoming week and always!
    Much love , my friend !

    1. So perfectly said 🙂 “Those who make our hearts sing”, I love this sentence so much ! Thanks for making me starting my week with a big smile, and cheers to singing hearts!
      Big big hug all the way to you my dear, a beautiful week to you XXX

  2. *to wake up each day and be thankful that we are alive to live not just to exist, to love in wild abandon, to wonder in amazement at the beauty of this world, to dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow, to be passionate about things that matter, to simply just BE* have a lovely rest of your week!!!

    1. See, this is why I posted this one! I knew you would come with a hugw tide of positive energy and enough love notes to cheer up the crumpiest ones! thanks dear Have the shinest week X

      1. Thanks. I try to “pep talk” myself all the time… just spreading the love and positivity. Btw, I like the word “crumpy” 😛

    1. Oh yeah! great one! And we still have the day after tomorrow to turn our wishes into actions.. (says the everlasting procrastinator in me). Have a beautiful week! X

  3. To present love, to share love and to be in love! To help others and be next to each other, to enjoy life and every second not matter happy or sad! However, it’s better to have only happy! Wish you also sweet week! Hugs! Nice start for this Monday!

    1. I love your lines! Yes, Love must be there every minute, to guide and to fulfil our hearts and minds, you are so right dear 🙂 I’ll make this sentence mine. Btw, can you send me your email address, I could not find it on your blog .. Big sunny Hug back at you X

  4. Lovely image and sentiment, Estelea. I know it’s not original, but “for today is the first day of the rest of your life” would tag quite nicely onto the rest of your sentence. 🙂 Have a wonderful week.

    1. Yes, this one works perfectly! I posted this one as I need a little booster to get moving with my job search, and your sentence fits perfectly! Thanks so much for participating with such a great sentence! X

    1. So true! We have to remember that one bad day is just ..ONE bad day.Never giving up and believing in ourselves, as you so rightly said .. This is the challenge but the award is so worth it 🙂

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