Did you know that Santa is working undercover in the streets of NYC ?

In the cold streets of New York, a particular Santa hadn’t waited for Christmas to warm people’s hearts and put a big smile on their face..

If you haven’t recognised him, it’s because he is working under cover: look for a tattooed Filipino hairdresser in his early 30. Distinguishing mark: His sack turned satchel with a bunch of brushes and scissors.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 17.21.57
(c) @byflore

“It’s all about being grateful and sharing my gift”

6 days a week, Filipino Mark Bustos is a hair stylist for rich and famous heads of New York City. For the last 3 years, he has spent the 7th in the streets of the big Apple, offering free haircuts to homeless.

We all know the power of a haircut. How the magic wands of a hairdresser can make us look younger and good about ourself, more confident and happier.  There is something between a new hair cut and new beginnings.

Bustos is one of those magicians, and he knows his scissors can do wonders. Click on the following pic if you need to be convinced:

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.41.53

It’s about feeling well, gaining confidence. Being someone again.

The New Yorker artist does not just offer a hair cut to the homeless of NYC. He really spends time listening to the stories of his clients and get to know them. Some of them couldn’t even remember the last time someone touched them or simply talked to them in a real friendly way. In his impromptu street salon, there is no nespresso machine or herbal tea, but his wife always asks them what they want to eat.


We want to inspire people to make a difference. We all have a gift and it’s about sharing it. In prayer, there are no rich or poor. There are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers” says Bustos.

Hundreds of hair dressers notably in the State and in Australia have been inspired by his sharing journey and turned street barbers for a day, offering free haircuts to homeless. I even heard that there is one in Cebu whose clients are tricycle drivers.

We can not all cut hairs but we surely can do something to spread positive energy and love. At our own little level, we can all join Bustos’ followers and  #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

It is about finally changing the world by all giving a little something that can make a huge difference.

This morning as we entered a crowded jeepney, a beautiful grand ma’ asked if she could take Mr Attila by her side. “Sure!”We were laughing each time the jeepney stopped, wondering how so many people squeeze in such a tiny bus. When I asked Mr Attila to come on my knees to make room for the other passengers, the old lady replied “no, I already paid for his seat, you don’t need to move” with a big smile. I was very surprised and did not know what to say but thanks so much. “Thanks so much to You and your kids, she replied. Each time I see you, you always giving me big smiles. You have no idea how much it means to me“. She really touched my heart, and her kind gesture made my day. She ll never know how much her words reassured me and made me happy. I felt so proud of my kids. To be kind doesn’t take anything away from you but can mean so much ..

More about Mark Bustos:

Follow him on Instagram and on Mark Bustos non official Facebook page





3 thoughts on “Did you know that Santa is working undercover in the streets of NYC ?

    1. THanks dear 🙂 You Pinoy rock! Can you believe that this guys spent all his days off sharing his gift? Tells you so much about the education and the strong values his parents gave him. He started his #BeAwesomeToSomebody after his first trip back in the Philippines. Instead of spending his time in high end hotels and doing the typical island hoping, he rented a barber shop and offered free hair cuts to dozens and dozens of street kids. Isn’t it inspiring? We need to surf on this kind of energy and replicate as much as possible, it not only lift others’ spirits, but also ours.

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