Trust the transition

When one door closes, another one always open..  Are you ready for this?


In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Transition




15 thoughts on “Trust the transition

    1. Thanks a lot dear! btw, I send you an email via your blog a few days ago, I was just wondering if you got it ?..

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 It s exciting to open an old heavy wood door to see that it hid such wonders. I like the metaphor 😉 Have a sweet day X

    1. hehehe, how did you guess? 😉 I eventually closed some doors and recently got the feeling that a big door is opening.. Just a gut feeling, nothing to brag about (yet 😉
      Best Good luck with yours! Hope it will concretise soon

    1. You are more than ready 😉 So glad to see that you are having fun in the Land of Smiles. I knew you would like it 😉 Take care my dear!

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