Merry Chrismukkah !!!


Jewish by their Mum, Protestant by their Dad, born in Buddhist countries and raised in a very Catholic one. Meet my children!

We are not a religious family (how could we ?) but we love traditions and the spiritual values of religions. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I take the lead till Christmas.santarabbi

Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of faith and courage over militaries, when a band of Israelites stood up for their rights to practice their faith. I am not so much interested in the details of the story, but the meaning is what I want to discuss with my family. It is all about the triumph of spirit over force. No matter the faith, stand up for what you believe. I want my children to be head-strong people, just not only when I am raising them.

Tonight, Ms Attila will light the first of the eight candlescandles. She already warned me « I am not going to pray, but I love lighting the candles and getting my presents ». Smart ass. There won’t be any long formal prier anyway, but more attention to each other, more time to exchange on what we are grateful for and what we could do to make others feel better too. Food wise, we all agreed that what makes us happy is more chocolate, so our latke will turn into awesome pancakes with holy Cote d’Or. Time will slow down a bit, so we can learn to appreciate more what we have and reflect on our blessings.  That’s the aim of the week, for the adults at least. No doubt the Attilas will (try) to cooperate, there is a present at stake every night…

The last day of Hanukkah will be on the 12th. Santa will take over with the big presents. We should end up the month a bit more spiritual. Practically, we’ll all be fatter and with a list of good resolutions, first one being “subscribe to the gym”.

More about our plans for the week: right here

(Repost from last year, somethings hardly change and that’s why we love them so much 😉


18 thoughts on “Merry Chrismukkah !!!

  1. Such a sweet read !! I love and respect every kind of festivals … It’s nice to know that you are celebrating but 2 festivals at time ,double fun 🙂 That’s the beauty when different parts of the world come together..Happy Chrismukkah !!

    1. You’re so right, the more the merrier 🙂 and all religions basically wants peace, respect and sharing, no? Too bad we were not in India, would have joined Diwali too! 😉 thanks for your kind wishes ❤

  2. Who doesn’t want peace, love and respect. And how wonderful that so many festivals combine. Thanks for the insight into Hannukah. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    1. I love the opportunities to stop and reflect for a moment on those universal values. Especially if it comes with good food and presents 😉 Blessings to you and your fam !

      1. I agree and the older I get the more thankful I am for the love of family and friends rather than flashy presents! Blessings right back!

  3. We’ve got that religious mish-mash going on in our house, too (and a mutt-like nationality mix as well)! And like you, we believe that the prophet does not matter as much as the message; they all teach love, respect, kindness, and peace at their core. To me, religious war or strife is an oxymoron! Happy holidays – all of them!

  4. what an interesting practice you have going on in your family. but i like how you incorporated the highlights of different religions and made them your own. i personally think that makes it more meaningful.

    happy hanukkah to you and to your lovely family!

    1. Yep, we have a fusion kind of religion 😉 our prier is the simplest one “bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us”. Totally universal, clear enough for the kids to tell it by themselves. Thanks for the sweet wishes, happy holidays to you and your fam ❤

    1. Thanks a lot, and All the best of the best to you to my dear, and your family 🙂 Looking forward to connect with you next year too ❤

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