Best and cheapest way to digest the French elections: Try Hot Yoga


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After the results of the last French elections, I decided to change my diet: I’ll always keep the espresso, but I am going newsfree and I am enrolling in a new yoga class. When you can not change the situation, at least you can try to change the effects it has on you.

I wanted to try something totally new, so I signed for Hot yoga. Some of you would think it is a classic yoga but with me in it. It is actually slightly more than that.

I love it Hot (when it comes to Yoga)

Hot yoga is practiced in a 90/110 F room with 40% humidity. Its extreme form is the infamous Bikram yoga (90mn kind of workout, 26 postures, no meditation) but the class I took was closer to Moshka (A bit of meditation, standing poses, on-the-floor postures..). I found the heat pretty bearable, as it was already hotter and far more humid outside (Welcome to Cebu!). It is all relative ..

What you’ll get :

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.52.37An improved awareness:

It is so hot, that focusing on your breath comes really naturally. If you want to do the asana, you have to forget about the rest, the wet hair, the drops of perspiration on your mat, everything that is not connected to your breath and your movements.The heat improved my focus and I felt rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.

A cleaner skin:

How to kill 2 birds with one stone. You get the exercise and the facial detox/pore cleansing in the same time. Who could resist this amazing offer?

An energised and more flexible body:

The heat works on your body by gentlyScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.16.29 relaxing your muscles and I felt that the postures were easier to stand.

What you’ll need:

Water !

Hot yoga veterans all tell you to drink at least 500ml of water in the hour preceding your practice. Needless to say, bring a bottle (preferably with lemon) on the mat.

You’ll actually also loose minerals. So the best is to drink coconut water (December like in the Philippines) or some sort of Gatorade (make sure it is not loaded with sugars). Here are some great tips on how to rehydrate your body.


For your face, for your mat, for your shower.

A door (exit):

Very nearby, if you are beginner or just need to feel a bit of fresh air when the teacher let the air circulate from times to times. My VIP spot, wouldn’t leave it to anyone!

Last but not least : listen to your body. As my favorite teacher always says:”Resting and modifying in class is a sign of a mature student; one who listens to their inner voice“.

More …

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Not sure if this is the right yoga for you? Click here to find the one tailored to your tastes.

Namaste 😉











13 thoughts on “Best and cheapest way to digest the French elections: Try Hot Yoga

  1. I’ve enjoyed hot yoga because I am always cold. The only thing I did not love was the people near me who were really, really sweating and exuding the aroma of their previous meals!

    1. Exactly the same for me! I am always cold and I am ashamed to say that even here in *winter* I am wearing more layers than the locals ..
      Lucky me I did hot yoga early morning and we were only a few people, so I did not have to deal with the smells; I am far from being able to close all my senses when I practice and the bad smells really disturb me. I remember a class where the guy beside me was literally sweating vodka. I couldn’t help but anticipating his farts and the moment I would either faint or run away. Instead of feeling relaxed during Savasana, I felt totally trapped 😛

      1. Oh god, that cracked me up! But it is so true. (P.S. just got your nice message about my kiddies – thanks for the nice comments! 🙂 )

    1. THanks a lot 🙂 Coffee and yoga are my 2 energy providers, double shots when the kids are not in school! Are you also practicing hot yoga?

      1. double shots when they are NOT in school? You mean they are so quiet, calm and lovely that having them around is like drinking a large relaxing, herbal tea? So you need the double shot coffee as an antidote? I fully understand… (not!) 😉

      2. Yeah sure 😉 When we are spending a full day together the 3 of us, my daughter is always the one jumping first in my bed (obviously far earlier than when she needs to go to school) and asking with this little devil smile of her “Coffee time! A big one?” ..
        I have been trying to put them on herbal tea though, but it still doesn’t work… At all 😛

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