A time machine, please!

This time machine has been tested many many times, it is totally secure. No chance to remain stuck in the past. Just make sure you don’t touch anything and don’t talk to anyone ok? ”

All I want is to get a real glimpse of their life, listen to their conversations, look at them going through their daily routines . mumWho is this caring young mother, who is this thin man standing beside her ? I know the girl, I know her so well I won’t need to spy on her. Although the picture is more than 60 years old, my Mum still has those looks when she tries to strike a pause without smiling 😉

Of course I also recognise my beloved grand parents. But I only knew them as grand parents and always wished I could have known them “before”. On this picture, they are actually younger than me. I never knew my grand mother with dark hair. I never saw my grand Dad so well dressed. Where is her mind wandering ?  What did they like to talk about? how were they before becoming the wisest and funniest grand parents ?

Who can tell me about them better than themselves ? no prisme, no second hand testimony, no tainted version ..

Family stickers are very strong. Parents have duties and children are very demanding customers. It took me while to realise and to accept that my parents were a man and woman before being a mother and a father. And somehow they still are, with their shares of human defaults and qualities. I so wish my children will also see the woman in me, not only the mother, and love her too.

Good that the time machine has a few seats. I know my little brother and my cousins will want to squeeze in. First stop, the family house, early morning, when they all wake up..

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19 thoughts on “A time machine, please!

      1. Quite sure it’s genetic. All three generations seem to have a variant of that frown, and it’s awesome. You’re a beautiful family.

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 Imagine if we could travel and witness the past with our senses, what an experience it would be. I have always been curious of the fragrances, in a town without cars .. or in Kings’ times when they had baths only once a year 😛

    1. That would be fantastic. Although it might shake our foundations a little if they were not really how we thought they were 😉 I would take the risk though, I would have loved to have the chance to know how they were when they were my age…

  1. Merci de m’avoir considérablement rajeunie….à l’époque j’étais encore la seule de la fratrie….fiérote!

    1. Dire qu’apres toi ils ont recidivé 3 fois encore.. C est fou d’avoir reussi a faire poser papy pendant au moins une minute sans bouger, et toi aussi d ailleurs!

  2. Best ones! 🙂 We are a pretty big family, and times with my grand parents always echoed big laughs with our cousins and great food and ambient !

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