Mundane Monday: Handle with Love, Care and Tenderness


I love letters, the real ones, on paper. The ones written with a pen, with no “delete” or “spell check”. The ones I can hold and smell, that will never need batteries to come to life. I cherish them like the unique jewels they are, because they come from a time people had time – or at least made time.

Back then, an envelope was already telling a story. Its stamps, the way the rain and the sun had repainted the address, all impressive marks of its glorious journey to us.

Those letters need special care, love and attention. Arigato, dear Japanese letter box for this unique “First class” corridor …

In response to Mundane Monday Challenge, a great way to start the week by finding beauty in almost everything …









34 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Handle with Love, Care and Tenderness

  1. So well-said and so inspiring…I also like receiving usual paper letters, but nowadays nobody writes them, we became computer-and-high-tech dependent, sometimes I feel that we forgot how to use a pen…odd and sad at the same time. We should learn how to enjoy every little thing and find beauty even in the ugliest…

    1. I love the real letters so much! It shows that the sender really cares, as s/he took the time to find the paper and a pen, sat down to write.. and after it was all done, stamped it and sent it in a letter box. So many more rituals than simply opening gmail and pressing on send, no?
      The vintage side of me I guess 😉
      Thanks a lot for stopping by ! All set for Xmas?

      1. You are so right! I have a friend who also likes writing usual letters and send them via post, but time has changed, he’s got work and less time for such privileges, but sometimes he surprises me with greetings cards from different cities where he travels and he makes some captions under them with his pen, it’s so exciting to open your mailbox and find there a postcard. We all have this vintage side, dear Estelea! Nothing set for Christmas since my Eastern Orthodox Christmas will come later after New Year, which is January 7th. So, we have load of time yet. And how about you, is everything ready?

      2. I still write letters, but not so often. Actually I write postcards to my Mum (although she is very computer literate). We still do that, and I love to receive her cards too.
        You are lucky to have a friend who loves writing cards too. Cheers to Vintage 😉

        Xmas in the Philippines has started months ago. From August onwards, you ll see decorated Xmas trees and listen to Xmas carols everywhere. Filipinos are a bit extreme on this one 😉 We only got our tree a week ago, and still have to shop and figure out the diner. But it will be cosy, nothing extravaganza 🙂

  2. wonderful…!! So true, it is a dying “art & passion”, and yet when I look in some shops I can see expensive and high quality paper on the rise again. The same counts for pens – and I love mine, and the little ink pot on my desk (well, three of them).
    So, ladies, interested in getting some handwritten lines? Just send me your address 😉 And you know what? Writing this feels so very strange indeed, as all one would nowadays usually ask for is the mobile number. Ah, sad…
    Thanks for those lines, will right now start the list of whom I will surprise with a handwritten Christmas card + letter!:-)

    1. As it usually takes 3 weeks for a letter to reach us, I ll send you my address so you ll be right on time for my Bday 🙂
      I love your idea to write XMas cards, for a change. I am going to do it as well, thanks for the inspiration. Isn’t it much more nicer than an email with a dozen recipients ?
      My old fountain pen thanks you! Now I have to stretch my fingers so make it a bit readable ..Feels good to be vintage 😉

    1. I totally agree with you ! And it makes you feel so special, I love the attention that comes with writing a letter. Do you still remember the last time you wrote ou received one?

      1. Exactly. Just the thought that the writer puts in effort in writing you a letter and the thought thay they’re actually thinking about the things to say to you are enough to swell my heart.

        I think the last time that I got a handwritten letter was way back in highschool from a classmate telling me his intention of courting me. Oh highschool. Lol The last time I actually wrote a letter was also in highschool for a friend’s birthday. Miss those days!

      2. so here’s the big chance for surprising quite a few folks: Send them handwritten Christmas and/or birthday greetings. And no, I do not work for a postal company 😉

      3. The attention is indeed so romantic to me too 🙂 Last time I wrote a real letter – not a postcard, a letter with on a sheet of paper was before I had an email address … Says a lot 😛 I remember the old times I had a bf living in Hawaii while I was in France. There was no internet back then (now I feel I am a dino!) and the letters would take weeks to reach my door. So exciting, I could stare at the envelope for very long minutes before finally daring opening it…

  3. I have no-one who writes to me any more, and consequently, no-one to write to, since my dearest aunt died a few years ago. We used to correspond between England and South Africa on a regular basis, and I always looked forward to her letters. Even Christmas cards seem to have fallen by the wayside, now that we all keep in touch on social media. 😦

    1. Which is indeed a shame ! We should create a community that sends greetings cards to each other. At least once a year. To keep this beautiful
      Tradition alive!

  4. I also miss writing and receiving letters. They are such treasures. I still have the ones my cousin wrote to me when I was Scotland. She was in school then, and she didn’t like writing (she still doesn’t), so it was a real honor that she wrote back:)
    I think your greeting cards idea is great too 🙂

    1. I still have the ones from my grand mother, and I love that my Mum and I still send each other post cards. I am just like you, I miss receiving and writing letters. We should really put this Greeting Cards thing up 🙂
      Just enough time before my birthday ! (posts in the Philippines take an awful amount of time).

      1. That’s the problem (and sometimes the magic) of it, isn’t it? By the time your letter or greetings arrive, a lot of time has passed, which can be an awful thing or a wonderful thing. I once sent two postcards to friends in China, one in the east and one in the middle. The one in the middle received it within six weeks, the one in the middle never did receive it 😦 I still hope she’ll receive it someday 🙂

      2. “The magic of it”, so true 🙂 At least we don’t rely exclusively on letters, so we have other ways to get news of someone. I read the story of a love letter that had been lost during the war and for some weird reason finally reached its recipient some 10 years after! How many times people must have used the excuse ” oh, I did not receive it. Maybe your letter got lost”. No chance this could happen in the era of SMS, FB, IG (unfortunately 😉

      3. Perhaps…I’ve had emails delayed by almost a week (lost in thread?). Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often 🙂 I think mail eventually worth receiving, unless it’s those Readers Digest Sweepstakes 🙂

  5. To all the folks out there yearning for writing and receiving handwritten letters and postcards, I would volunteer for managing the following suggestion: If you would like to send/receive handwritten notes, send me an email with your postal details. I will collect them in a file and make it available to you (Dropbox, access limited only to you), so you can choose whom to write to. Whoever wants to join in, can join in, no obligations, just for the fun of it… any thoughts, approvals, or an outcry re data privacy, etc.?

      1. ok, although I am not really a fan of this, here we go: hubert(at_home_at) for your address-details….. 😉

  6. Whatever you said about the letters are so true. Very nostalgic to read it. Well in Japan everything is so fancy. What was the two section with one saying love letters only?!

      1. Ahem .. I still send postcards to my Mum and my brother when we travel, it has become a tradition. Last time was from Japan, and it was so great to introduce this ancestral way of communication to my kids ! Can you believe it was the first time my 5 yo daughter saw a .. stamp!
        I can’t really remember the last time I sent a real letter. Maybe a decade ago, to my grand mother. Heu, 15 years actually (!!!). How about you?

      2. That is sweet. Kids must be aware that there once existed such systems 😉
        i still use postal services. But sending a letter was ages ago!

      3. Let’s face it, we are some kind of prehistorical specimen (beautiful ones though 😉 )

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