Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year

Christmas overload! In the Philippines, we have been enduring for Santa for the last 6 months, everlasting Christmas carols played to the loudest possible volume  everywhere – karaoke, taxis, malls, sari sari ..

I took the kids to dozens of Christmas shows rehearsals and I know by heart all their songs! I had to buy the Santa clothes, the Santa’s hats. The old man is a rock star here, and I am counting the days till he finally goes back home! Merci me Santa, we are not interested in the 10000th pict of my kids with you. You look like a perv, only (fat and old) farang with so many children on your laps. No Santa, we not going to buy those awful cheap Chinese toys. We are from a rare specie of “Minimalist family“.

Can we just adapt the Xmas stuff and make it a bit more realistic this year? I want a decent Santa who really shares with the ones in need. Good news: I spot him! Too bad he lives in Canada ..

And I also want a real tree!!! Simple and efficient, like this one. Icing on the cake, it is all recyclable.. At least some meaningful deco!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 13.29.42

Hasta la Revolucion!



11 thoughts on “Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year

  1. Estelea!! I love this modern day Santa you’ve found ! Such a cooler version! Great beard and red leather jacket!
    Plus hmm that Christmas tree looks FABULOUSSSSS!!!

    1. Hehehe, thanks! I like this one Santa so much more too 😉 I love the reaction of the woman in the first video, wondering if he ll come through her chimney… Never stop believing in the magic of Christmas …Have a super Merry Christmas dear X

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