18 thoughts on “Wordless Wed: Dreaming of a white Xmas ?

  1. Your Christmas is really very special and very bright one, many people suffer from cold weather, so they can come to you to have a wonderful warm Christmas next to blue water and gentle sun! Cool!

    1. As you can see on the pictures, the place is not really crowded, so we are welcoming new visitors 🙂 The more the merrier! and obviously we are keeping a little boat for you too my dear friend X

      1. I will keep in mind and do hope that one day I use your kindly offered boat! It can be a fantastic journey of my dream! Thank you, Estelea! You know how to tease me!

    1. Merci Obrigado mucho 😉 All the very best to you all my dear Fabio, I guess your Xmas is not very snowy either ?…X

      1. Raining and cold in San Diego, dear friend. But no complaints, as we are still in a 4-year-long drought. Best to you, your husband, and the two PRECIOUS jewels, not forgetting your Mum (she has a precious smile) and your entire family in France! Hugs!!! 🙂

      2. Oh I really appreciate your kind wishes !Many warms hugs back at you all and MANY to the Ambassador ! 😉

  2. Oh wonderful! you can build a “sandman” there too! 😛 merry christmas to you and your lovely family!!!

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