Optimistic: calories don’t count

On weekends !


Or when you eat your favorite treats with your eyes closed / if you eat off someone’s plate/  if you are in a party / if you are standing up. Someone I totally trust also assures that calories are totally harmless if you are wearing your favorite colour.

Cheers to a super sweet week !

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge Optimistic



15 thoughts on “Optimistic: calories don’t count

  1. If you cut very, very, very thin slices off the side of the cake and eat them very, very slowly, the calories do not count. Even if you end up eating the whole thing. I promise.

    1. And I do trust you, totally. Because I happen to do it (quite often, according to my very significant other).
      When I am asked if I want another slice of the cake, I always say no, before cutting a very, very, very thing slice off …..
      Thanks for reassuring me! X

  2. Fantastic! You are so sweet, dear Estelea! Why not to enjoy the weekend and let yourself relax, later you will work it out, and I hardly believe your energetic kids will let you to gain extra kilos, no way!

      1. and seriously, they all work! that’s why I am so often wearing my fav colour.. I read that the food eaten in front of the fridge open door is calorie free as well 😉 Hve a lovely day dear !

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