Reblog Wed: Pavlova with pomegranate

If anyone is passing by Cebu on Sunday, this cake would be a per-fect Bday present. Did you know that pomegranate are actually very rich in antioxidant and has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life.

You can alternatively come with the peer almond tart, or the chocolate cake, or the precious candies 😛 I’d take it anything from this blog! Bon Appetit !

Cakes & Rose Petals

Her Royal Highness Pavlova!

Delicious meringue, a cloud of whipped cream, lots of pomegranate seeds and a crown of beautiful velvet red rose petals.  Perfection : )


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9 thoughts on “Reblog Wed: Pavlova with pomegranate

      1. OK, I ll do my best not to eat it all .. This cake is insane, wish I could find everything to bake it here .. Will for sure send you a virtual slice when I ll be in France 😉

      2. Indeed, but I know I can 😉 Her blog a treasure box. But as I said, make sure you don’t visit on an empty stomach or you ll be as frustrated as me now !

    1. Thanks for your incredibly beautiful posts! Super happy to spread the yummiest 😉 Your blog is a treat for all the senses, makes me so impatient to travel to Europe so I can find all those precious ingredients.. Have a beautiful day too dear 🙂 X

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