No technology will ever beat THAT

2h in trains, 27h in planes, another 1h30 in taxi to finally spend 2 little weeks with us. That’s what I call a Super Mamie! MamM

Because no amount of Skype or Viber will ever replace the warmth of a real hug and the sweetness of a kiss ..

In response to the WPC Time

50 thoughts on “No technology will ever beat THAT

  1. Hurra, Mamie has come! Absolutely agree, no skype, neither any other network won’t help much! Only the reality…the happiest moment of our lives! Photos are full of love and warmth…touching, so touching!

    1. Yes, we have been waiting for a year ! Alleluia 😀 You are so right, the love is very touching, things are so easy with the ones with love, no language nor cultural barrier, everything is eventually so natural 🙂
      I am so grateful she came all the way from France just to visit us, can’t wait to visit home next month !
      I haven’t been much on the net obviously those last days, but I guess it is not too late to wish you a beautiful, shiny,healthy and funny New Year my dear! May all your wishes come true ❤

      1. Thank you, dear Estelea, you are my sweet, sweet Friend! I also wish you fantastic 2016 and let it be your best year!

    1. Thanks so much. Love, love, love …<3 No wonder why in spite of all the great things here,we are eventually thinking of moving back to Europe for a while …

    1. Yes, two more days before she flies back to France. No need to say how time’s been flying, especially as our holidays plans failed as everybody fell sick (obviously not sync, would have been too easy).
      She does not need to say much to make her case for “would love to have you guys closer to France”… The kids got the message loud and clear 😉 X

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 Amazing to see how fast they reconnect even though they haven’t met for a year. Love, love, love 😉
      Btw your blog is great, I really enjoyed your post on the library. Another passion of mine!

    1. L’amour, l’amour … Et voila la raison pour laquelle on cherche à se rapprocher de la France. Pas du tout prêts a rentrer en France, faut pas pousser non plus, mais moins de 10h d avion, ce serait un bon compromis.. 😉

      1. Ici on est à 11-12, c’est limite. Je suis aussi très tenté de bourlinguer un peu en Asie, (retourner sur mes pas) mais, pour nous ça fait 30 h. 😦
        (C’est ta mère ou ta belle-mère qui est venue?)

      2. La madre 🙂
        30h, si tu peux le faire avec escales, ce serait top. Comme dans mon livre de chevet du moment “A fortune teller told me” …

      3. C’est marrant que tu me parles de lui, alors que l’auteur du fameux “A fortune teller told me ..” vient juste de le mentionner. C’est donc signe que je dois lire un de ses livres! Un conseil en particulier?

      4. Maugham: collected short stories 1,2 or 3. Penguin books. Ca fait bien quinze ans que je ne l’ai pas relu. Ca peut avoir un peu vieilli, mais c’est une autre vision de l’Asie. 👳

      5. Haha! Ca c’est rapide. J’espere que tu ne seras pas decue. De fait j’ai ressorti le tome 1 de ma bibliotheque pour le relire. Mais dis-moi si tu le commandes sur Amazon, ils te l’envoient la-bas? Sans que ca coute la peau du dos? 💵💵💵

      6. Nonon, j’ai essayé une fois et ca m’a coûté plus que le dos ! Presque 3 fois le prix des livres! On rentre en France fin Mars pour nos vacances, la commande nous attendra sagement chez ma mere

      7. C’est ce que fait un de mes amis francais ici, il commande sur amazon ou la fnac et fait livrer cehz sa soeur a paris. Pratique. Conges annuels en france? C’est drole non? M’enfin les enfants sont encore assez petits pour l’ecole. Esperons que le temps soit clement j’ai cru comprendre que tout le monde etait tombe malade quand ta mere est venue. Dommage.
        A +

      8. Conges annuels en France, oui. C’est notre exotisme 😉 Les enfants ici ont 3 mois de vacances, ce serait un peu egoiste d’en profiter toute seule non? Donc un peu de France, un peu de Suisse et je reve de caser quelques jours à Rome …
        Heureusement tout le monde va mieux, c est ce front froid venu de Chine qui les a mis sur les genoux. 15 degres en moins pratiquement du jour au lendemain, et pluie .. On nous a arnaqué! on avait signe pour les cocotiers et on a eu le meme temps qu’à Paris. Au point où je leur ai fait des croissants et des crepes, ca ressemblait tellement a l automne en France qu’il ne manquait qu’un vrai gouter 🙂 Avec du vrai chocolat chaud, Mossieur! X

      9. Les histoires de rechauffement global me font doucement rigoler. Ici aussi j’avais signe pour un pays tropical, la chaleur, la douceur de vivre. Arnaque totale. On vient de passer trois semaines avec 7degres dans la bibibliotheque le matin. 3 ou 4 dehors. Et 15-16 dans la maison pdt la journee. Evidemment y’a pas de chauffage. I want my money back. Bonnes vacances. Rome? Oui. Ou peut-etre Florence? 🤔

      10. Brrrr… C’est pas comme sur le depliant, suis bien d’accord!
        Rome pour l’heure parce que c est pieton. En fait j’adorerai Florence, encore plus que Rome, mais je crains que les Attilas ne rendent les visites quelques peu.. frustrantes! 😉

  2. She is adorable! Sorry to learn only now that your Mum was visiting with you (We had busy days at work and then we traveled to Florida for the weekend) She must be leaving you now. Wish her a good trip back to France, Next get-together in France or in another place very close. I will keep my fingers crossed that it will happen soon. Take care, my wonderful friend! 🙂

    1. You are really keeping track my dear, I just read her your sweet message a minute before she boarded:) She is now on her way to Davao, then Singapore and eventually Paris! Next meet up is in one month 1/2, do I need to precise how excited we are ?
      She came with all the necessary teasers : cheeses, macarons,chocolates.. Of course she got the kids hooked and they are counting the days till our European Tour. Wise woman, she really knows how to get her messages through 😉

      1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Keep up the excitement! We need to plan a get together in Europe, in the near future, I am sure Ann would come from Ukraine to join the party! 🙂 XX

  3. How wonderful!!! You look just like your mom. Im sure by now she has probably left, you mentioned she was in Davao? That is a weird lay over. So did she like crazy Cebu? 😉

    1. Yes she left last Thursday. The initial plan was to spend 10 days in beautiful Bantayan. That was without planning my Mum would get so sick that I would need to take her and the kids back to Cebu after 2 days. Once her bronchitis under control, the kids fell sick for 3 days, fever and all.. Then Marcel came back for the weekend, and spent it in bed with a bad cold and hyper loud caugh.. They all recovered 3 days before her departure, enough time for a painful yet very efficient Filipino massage, a manipedi and a couple of lunch and diners in town..

      1. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that! I hope your mom flew back home okay. Flying sick in an airplane is no fun! Maybe she wasn’t used to the super hot humid weather there. You make one good nurse then huh! Job well done Estelea! 🙂

      2. She’s super ok now, Thanks a lot 🙂 the weather here has been so unpredictable, hot, cold, rains, freezing aircon in malls .. Can you believe it was so hot 3 weeks ago that there was no more water already in the tanks. We only had 2 h of water a day. Climate change in action!

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