Reblog Wed: The Complete Taxonomy of Engagement Photo Poses

Valentines – 4…

They last longer than chocolates or red roses.

Nothing more beautiful will ever ornate your living room walls and the ones of your parents.

Last but not least, they will get you hundreds “Like” on FB and IG.

Ladies, you’ve been dreaming this moment for so long … today is the day : Your (in)famous most romantic Photo Shot!

Here is the most hilarious post I ever read about Engagement pictures!

(Still wondering if the couples were really aware of their poses and how they felt with the results).

Source: The Complete Taxonomy of Engagement Photo Poses


10 thoughts on “Reblog Wed: The Complete Taxonomy of Engagement Photo Poses

  1. I have a couple of these but not too creative though. Plus we don’t have a photographer so we just set the camera on timer. Poor us. Hehehe

  2. Well my friends say it looked natural and sweet so maybe a lil’ better than these staged, awkward poses. Hahaha!😊

    1. You bet 😉 the CPR and the ones with the pigeons are so gross to me.. Pigeons totally disgust me, I can’t think of anything worse to have on an engagement picture. brrrr … Tradition is not bad, basics and a but of pix(el) dust 😉

  3. yes everyone has photo shoots these days… prenup photo shoots, baby bump photo shoots, the reveal photo shoots…what else? 😉

    1. and the selfies for every other hour of the day. I wonder where that comes from, this need to document every thing, every day and submit it to the rest of the world…

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