Forget about Plans!

Sometimes all we need is to breath. Trust. Let go and see what happens.



Planners of the world, I admire you. I am so bad at planning. I love setting directions though, direct the sail along the way. That’s how I feel the more creative, the more in tune with myself, my intuition. It forces me to open my eyes and my heart to everything around me that can tell me something. Guide me somewhere.

Our family has been expatriate in the Philippines for 2 years now. Expatriation has it ups and down. It’s a Love/Hate relationship : I love the feeling of being foreigner, to adapt constantly. And I hate this feeling of being the foreigner, to have to adapt constantly.

Sometimes I feel the urge to go back home. With people who speak my language as fast as I do, whose face speak French, who complain for the sake of complaining, understand my stupid jokes and eat “normal” food. My parents are not getting any younger, I cant believe how many of their friends got seriously ill over the last months. What really matters? The place or the people? our easy tropical lifestyle or building memories with our families?

The next day I love it here. The smiles we are constantly greeted with, the eternal summer, this unique island rhythm. What really matters? Sorting out my homesickness or giving the kids a chance to grow up in a less stressed and polluted environment?

The last months have been shaping a gigantic question mark.

But this year, I decided it would not scare me.

I finally accepted that nothing in set in stones, it is ok if my feelings change. Things change all the time aren’t they? Tides change, perspective change. It is in the waves of change that I always found my true direction, when I let go of strict expectations.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 16.05.02
Click to admire the dance ..



I won’t even try planning, but I have set up a goal to meditate upon: a dream house. At the end of the day, what do we need more than a solid roof, warmth, love and light to feel totally at home. Wherever it will happen to be …



Home, Sweet Home!

In response to the Daily Prompt Thanks Hindsight


29 thoughts on “Forget about Plans!

    1. ..Or focus on the outcome and let life unfold the means ? How about you, how good are you at planning?
      Happy you like the pictures, thanks 🙂

  1. You are so right, dear Friend! I belong to planners, I do like planning and almost do not do anything without planning…but life shows me that it’s not always right. A lot of things come to my life unexpectedly, many of them are nice, but they have never been in my plans! I suppose it’s good to live without any plan and life will show us (as well as our intuition) what to do! Your dream house is wonderful!

    1. I can do goals, and I need them. Especially now that I am a responsible mother, I need a direction more than before.
      But the day to day planning is not my thing, I admire people who can stick to it, like you 🙂 And good thing that Mr Attila Sr is more like you, so at least there is some balance 😉

      Great house, isn’t it? Glad you like it too! I promise to invite you over as soon as we move in! I could definitely make good use of all your precious advices on gardening and growing beautiful flowers! X

      1. I wish you to have such house as soon as possible! And thank you for the invitation, I’d love to visit you and your garden!

  2. To be or not to be foreigner? This is the question, right?
    Making plans is not so good sometimes. Sometimes is good to live life as it is. I mean, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst

    1. Being a foreigner has its up and down. Most of the time, I love it because you feel less judged than at home. People tend to excuse us because we are not so much aware of the dos and don’t. And there is so much to learn when you are new in a new place ..
      But some other times you are just craving for similarities, and for a meal that tastes exactly like the one you Mum can cook for you 😉 Can’t have it all! Unless you are a flight attendant and can travel anytime to recharge your batteries I guess ..
      Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely one

      1. Really? Another great point for your country! 😀
        In the Philippines it is very different, and the large majority of the Filipinos have this incredible quality of hardly ever complaining and being so resilient! it is when I pay attention to what they’ve been through and how they reacted to it that I realise that I really have “First World Problems”.. But hey, it’s all too human to complain sometimes, and I believe it is very healthy too. Now I really need to visit Romania 😉

  3. Great sentiments you have here.
    The thing is, your mind is still active & your body is sound.To be able to think through all of this requires equal focus. It means you are still on the right track. It’s dead-end when you stop even thinking of life.That dream is still there in your heart,you’ve just shared it.It’s totally Ok Estelea to be spontaneous.Sometimes, the most amazing things came out Unplanned.

    1. Thanks for this great comment 🙂 for now, I feel that I know what I want but I can’t really plan it because we don’t have dates yet about the end of our contract. Could be December, or Sept, or March ?.. So I feel that I’d rather focus on my goals, still actively looking for a job though but giving more attention to the goals than to the means. Focus on the place more than on exactly what I ll be doing there.

      A good friend of mine had the same sentence about the mind being active and the body sound 🙂 I need to think this one over 😌 It seems far easier to me to have both active than sound though!

      Thanks again for stopping by and cheers to amazing things

  4. Bah, sad to admit, I am a planner. I don’t do daily planning but like I plan for trips (my most favorite!), for activities, for groceries and I also love lists, yeah, like to-do-lists! I can’t live without my lists. 😛

    1. Hehehe, you have to with your work, no? I am the kind to write down tasks after I done them, just for the satisfaction of crossing them ouf my list. I know, I know.. And you have no idea how much I spent on those hyper cute planners in the new SM. Still .. I guess one can not force its true self 😛
      Even for the trips with the kids, as long as we have a place to stay, enough cash and a Guide, I am fine. Or else I start suffocating . Hmmm… Do you happen to know a good shrink ? 😉

      1. You should know by now Pinoys don’t do shrinks! The only thing closest to a shrink I can think of is “Red Horse” or maybe some other new product that I am not familiar with anymore… I clearly remember your Japan trip and the passports, eh? 😛

  5. (and it was the hubby’s faut this time. We are taking off to France next month, believe me, this time I tripled checked everything. At least the first 3 nights we are spending with my parents 😉

    1. That would be another lovely and exciting adventure again!! Wish you lots of energy and an endless supply of patience and passion. 🙂

  6. I can personally relate, Estelea. Not that I am in a foreign country like you, but I do have a little country inside myself that wanted every so smooth and so well-planned. But you thoughts ring true. Sometimes, life happened and we have to throw those plans. The good thing is that sometimes, the unplanned things came out as better than the planned ones. 😀

    1. So true 🙂 To me, the best jobs for instance were not publicized. I did not apply for them. I had done my share of research and preparation, and I always had the feeling that when I was ready for a change.. the opportunity came knocking at my door. After all, Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans 😉 Cheers to beautiful surprises ❤

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