Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic


Roads were made for journeys. Not for destination – Confucius


What do you see on this picture?

Either you focus on the stairs .. or on the journey and Mother Nature’s beautiful treats.

My kids have forced me to always practice a panoramic vision. The moment they see a stair, they start complaining and obviously fighting for my arms. That was cute when they were babies, but quickly become quite annoying (to put it nicely) when they turned toddlers.

So I had to find a way to make them forget about the damned stairs. By looking up for squirrels and nests, looking down for the most beautiful leaf, on the sides for the biggest bug .. We take detours, I try not to care about time, and the “too high and too sharp” stairs eventually evaporate in the scenery.

I recently read about Peripheral awareness and it made me smile to realise that what my kids taught me was also a meditation practice. It activates areas of the brain that facilitate a calm and relaxed sense of well-being in which we are able to disassociate from our thoughts in order to see things in a broader context


Want to give it a try? I know how busy you are, so it will take you hardly 5mn. Promise! Just press on play, forget about the video and just listen to Bodhipaksa. And take an extra minute to tell me how you are feeling 😉 Namaste!


(In response to Sylvain Landry Photo Challenge : Stairs)


11 thoughts on “Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic

  1. Wooooahhh! I can’t hear the video clearly because we have music here in the office but you know what? Just staring at the video relaxes me… my breathing becomes more relax… *sigh*
    Thank you, Estelea! Thank you for sharing this to us! ❤

    1. My supreme pleasure ❤ There is an mp3 version of it, I love listening to it. And this guy has a great voice, super easy to follow (and highest quality: it is a very short meditation! Really fit for busy people like us).

      1. No, today is very sunny weather, but tomorrow snow is again predicted, can you imagine? Drastic changes here are every day!

  2. So soothing…I love this approach. Yes, kids taught us life lessons that can never be found in books. You shared a wonderful inspiration Estelea. This is vital for us,having a different perspective of things can really made a huge impact of the ordinary things we see. From now on, I’ll have a different view of that my toddler loves to climb it.. 🙂

    1. Your comment means a lot, thanks a lot 🙂 It took me a little while to forget about my working life, but I feel so blessed for all the very precious moments I am spending with my kids. How to be grateful and how to totally forget about my ego. You know the saying: when a man tells you you’re ugly, he is a jerk. When a woman tells you you’re ugly, she ‘s jealous. When a kid tells you you’re ugly, you’re ugly!
      Good luck with the climbing 🙂 Sometimes I am amazed to see how high they can climb, stairs are so big compared to their size. No wonder they are so proud after a few!

      1. You don’t need any more compliments Estelea. What you write is a reflection of your thoughts & your personality. You are real, and that’s what matters. I’m so glad I found you as an inspiration 🙂

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