Mundane Monday: Mobile phone (Gotta be Pinoy!)

What’s more mundane than a mobile nowadays? don’t we take for granted that each and everyone is reachable on his cell, 24/7 ?

This morning I went for a photo shoot in the newly built schools of Bantayan. My camera was obviously the center of attention, and this kid felt sorry for me. So he gave me a tap on the back and enlighted me:

M’am, you know you can take pictures with a phone now! Look, here is the one I made (out of carton). It is so easy M’am, you take your arm as a stick, and you press. And don’t forget to smile of course!”


(In (twisted) response to Mundane Monday Challenge  created to find beauty in those everyday things all around us).




35 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Mobile phone (Gotta be Pinoy!)

    1. Oh yes they do! Those kids don’t take themselves seriously, they are living outside, making everything they find look like a treasure.
      I was wandering on the beach yesterday evening and there was this old shipwreck nobody would approach because it always look on the edge of totally collapsing . The kids were helping their Dads with cleaning their fishing nets, and as soon as it was dark, they ran to the boat and it was all laughers. There is no App for this kind of freedom and carefree life 😉

  1. camera? How old school is that? I bet you also like writing letters instead of e-mails… 🙂 😉
    Have a wonderful start of the week!

    1. How do you know ?… 🙂

      Imagine if this kid knew that I come from an era where we used landlines and films had to be developed .. He would probably take a selfie with me to show all his friends the kind of dino he just met 😛

      Have a beautiful week dear! X

    1. Hehehehe, I agree ! Maybe next time I should take my phone, to show them that I am still young 😉

      1. How come it seems all so natural for those kiddos and so weird to me? Working on it 😉 x

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