Here is to beat the Monday blues

For those of you who have to deal with cold feet, red noises and grey skies .. For those of you who tend to feel like my friend Hubert those days: here is your dose of Vitamin Sea!

Take a picture a day. Focus on its centre for a good 20 secondes, then slowly enlarge the view and embrace it all. Close your eyes and feel the sun rays, listen to the waves, walk on the sugar beach .. And repeat 🙂

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Hope you are already feeling better. I can add Coconut or a mango juice, with fresh sea food, obviously ..

In case you need higher doses, I have what you need here and there .

Wishing you all a very happy week!


18 thoughts on “Here is to beat the Monday blues

  1. A very good therapy, I already feel the sea smell…hmmm…lovely! Thank, dear Estelea, wish you also a very happy weekend!

    1. Thanks 🙂 So glad to share, wish I could also send you some degrees, it is getting very hot here .. But hey, I know I ll miss the heat once back in Europe 😉

  2. brilliant, fantastic, thank you SO much!! This certainly helps to increase my vitamin sea levels…!! 🙂
    What a great start into this weekend – have a very good one yourself!

    1. The post was supposed to be online only on Monday (obviously!). See how good I am with scheduling 😛
      Glad you liked it, and that the good vibes traveled all the way. Enjoy 😉

      1. ah well, don’t worry, weekdays are just like our personal age – someone has come up with a rule of counting something and we believe it is kind of important. No matter which day of the week, your post and pics are an enlightenment!
        Have enjoyed the good vibes – actually, they travelled so well all the way to Northern Germany that they managed to get the family and me to the shores of the Baltic Sea today, incl. sunshine and refreshingly blue water (water temperature: 4 degress “warm” 😉 )

      2. 😀 Temperature is all relative, after all. Cold hands are ok as long as we have warm hearts (my mantra for Europe). Enjoy!

    1. It is 🙂 Come any time of the day, this place carries this serenity and calm. Even with the kids around!

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