Unplugged in France and Switzerland


Staubbach Falls, CH

We are traveling, hugging, kissing, eating, drinking, laughing,dancing,joking, exploring, discovering, sleeping, listening, admiring, contemplating, announcing, planning and sipping more champagne and espresso … Until we come back from our annual familial vacations in France and Switzerland, you won’t read much from me. In our “modern” world of instant gratifications and quick fixes, I have decided to play it like a rebel : I won’t update my blog before we come back to the Philippines by the end of the month.

It will be like in the old times, when we waited to be home to develop our pictures and relive the magic of the holidays over and over again 😉

LouvrelrParis has this effect on me ..

Till then,you can still follow us on Instagram, one postcard a day.

A trés bientot ❤

The Attilas and their parents



27 thoughts on “Unplugged in France and Switzerland

    1. Great times indeed 🙂 Plus spring! we ve been missing seasons so much, great alibi for more chocolate (we all need calories when it is cold, right?)

    1. Bisous back at you live from Cebu. Trying to recover from the jetlag .. Second night watching the sun sets with the Attilas, and talking about life over bottles of milk. I kinda like it actually (Bless the big shades though!).

      1. You’re back and jet lag! There is nothing better than the Cebu sunset to cure it!! And with the Atillas’s company…what a perfect company.
        Wishing you all a fast recovery and sending lots of hugs and love yo you. Xxx❤️❤️❤️

      2. Sunsets, great company and awesome hugs topped with love. What else? Got it all ! THanks so much my dear, see you very soon in the blogosphere – at least for now ❤

    1. Thanks thanks 🙂 Just back, batteries and bellies fully charged. I think I am vacations material! X

  1. You do look happy and that’s the most important! It is the greatest time when you can come back home and stay with your family and relatives! I am so happy for you! Enjoy it to the full and don’t think about anything! Wish you the best time ever! Hugging you! Best wishes to your family!

    1. Big big hug to you too my dear. We are just back on the island, I ll definitely visit your beautiful blog this coming week and get back in touch 🙂 We had such a great time in Europe, family is indeed everything and when you top it with chocolate and macarons.. it s heaven ! X

      1. Big big hugs in reply! So happy to see you, dear Estelea! I can’t wait to reading your super interesting posts about holidays at home, I am so happy for you! Certainly being at home with your family is the best time! You are so right, heaven! It’s a pity, perhaps, to come back? Or not! Wish you some relax after journey! Best wishes!

      2. Thanks so much my dear for those kind words 🙂 You always make me smile! And yes, being back is quite a bitter sweet feeling. But there is something BIG to prepare that should keep me busy for some months ………… Stay tuned, I ll tell you more next week 😉
        XXXXX !!!!!

  2. Yay! That sounds like a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure that it really is, indeed. Good thing you’re not here in the Philippines because the summer heat is so unbearable.

    1. Oh dear, I am just back and I feel like a lechon manok already ! At least so far we still have water, which is great.. Thanks for stopping by, yes we had a blast in Europe, feels good to wear those exotic outfits called “pullover” and “boots” 🙂 Will visit you blog as soon as we recover from the jetlag, see you there too X

      1. HAHA if you could hear my laugh when I read ‘lechon manok’ lol but so true though. So true! We’re like living in an oven. 🙂

      2. Some pic are worth a thousand words, aren’t they? 😛 Stay in the shade my dear !X

      1. Diplomatic answer would be “sure we did miss Cebu somehow”. Real one? “Not a single second :D”. It was so great to be with the fam again, to wear this thing called “jeans” and wear this very peculiar item called “shoes”. No flip flop, shoes! But man, life is expensive in Switzerland, and the bus are faaaaar more expensive than any taxi in Cebu! Can’t have it all 😉
        Back on the island of endless summer, ready to make the most of it before we move to another place next year.. When are you moving finally?? XXX

      2. You mean you ll be in the Neederlands this month? already? we could even schedule a meet up in Paris in August …

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