Chuuut… Parisian walls have ears!


Paris is a bliss for street artists. Look up, look side ways, even on the roads sometimes.. As we are talking Face today, here is one of my favorite:

This ear is signed by Urban Solid, a duo of Italian artists pretty famous in the The Street Art’s third dimension. Even though they are exhibiting in famous International galleries, most of their masterpieces are for free and anyone to admire in the streets of Milan, London, Florence, Turin or Paris.

In case you don’t get the message of the sculpture, the caption glued under says “This zone is tapped”. Internet, phones, satellites, we are tracked, Big Brother is hearing all we say. Paranoia? “Provocation!” answer  the artists.

Definitely food for thought anyways .. Especially in Paris, well known for its illegal phone tapping …

How about you? How do you appreciate this sculpture? Art or vandalism?

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on (side of a ) Face



11 thoughts on “Chuuut… Parisian walls have ears!

    1. Glad you appreciate it too! Plus what I like is that they don’t destroy anything. They have to be super fast, at night, if they are caught by the police, it is a minimum fee of 400 euros ..

    1. Glad that you liked it too 🙂 Paris is always a good idea, and I know you ‘ll agree with me on this one. You should go again for your next anniversary (when the demonstrations will be over though)

    1. thanks dear 🙂 I personaly consider this one as art more than graffiti for instance.Maybe because I get its meaning very clearly, it talks to my conscience. I am really admiring the work of those artists, and wandering in Paris to me is like a treasure hunt. Those precious pieces are everywhere, in every shape and colour, forcing us to pause and reflect for a moment .. Hmmm.. maybe I should post a gallery some day with all the pic I have ?..
      Thanks a lot for passing by and have a lovely day in Singapore 🙂

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