The Magical passkey to Thursday Door (works every other day too)

IMG_8282When I see a door, I hear a No!

No entry, no trespassing, watch out for the dogs!

Some people are like doors : They are closed, they don’t smile, they are so locked that I feel like running away from them, in case they would turn into real bad dogs.  I see many of them when I travel back home, in Paris. It shocks me because in the Philippines I hardly see any of them. Smiling is like a religion here, and even so called closed doors usually don’t have lockers. You could actually open this door, if you feel like it. Knock, or call, and wear the appropriate looks: a big smile!

Obviously it always works easier with children. Probably because they know better, they haven’t forgotten how natural it is to make people smile. But with a very little bit of practice, we all can do it again, and the results are so worth it. Do you remember how you felt last time someone made you smile?

How about starting the day by being the reason someone smiles today?


Forget the closed door or the discouraging sign. Just smile to the next person you ll meet today, the grumpy neighbour, the old man sitting beside you in the bus, the cashier ..and see how it has the power to melt any locker. Behind the door, chances are you’ ll find a glimpse of a beautiful garden 😉


(In response to Thursday Doors, the photo challenge hosted by Norm 2.0 )


12 thoughts on “The Magical passkey to Thursday Door (works every other day too)

    1. Great Suvi! You are definitely leading by example 🙂 It is not so easy all the time, but at the end of the day what you sow you reap, don’t you think? And I think we should force ourselves to smile especially when we feel grumpy. The smiles we get in return are the best antidotes 🙂
      Have a lovely week end and thanks a lot for opening the door!

  1. Smile and world smiles you back! A good logo for today and any other day, dear Estelea, you definitely know how to charge this Friday! I am smiling now…

    1. Oh this is so sweet. And this last line of yours made me smile, see how easy and great it works, from a side of a the world to another, as simply as that 🙂
      Have a sweet week end my dear friend!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Smiles are the easiest, cheapest and most efficient little presents one can offer and it replicates all the time. Greatest way to start the day indeed 🙂 Have a great one!

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