Back to school to become a Yoga Teacher!


Yoga is not only learning to stand on your head, but also learning to stand on your feet

S. Satchinananda

Alleluia ! After 120 days of holidays, my adorable kids are back to school !!!

And so am I:  I too have pens in my bag, note pads and many books. Most of all, I have a Yoga Mat …

I’ve always had a fling with yoga, but I never took our affair very seriously. A sciatica forced me to take our relationship the next level , and I can say we are now seriously dating. I have been very fortunate to meet with great teachers in Cebu, whose practice and attention convinced me that there were more to yoga than acrobatic IGramable poses. You know the saying, things come to you when you are ready? I needed a holistic yoga teacher, who would help me understand yoga instead of merely practicing it. I also wanted to feel part of a like minded community interested in the practice and its spirits, not only in the last Lululemon collection. My kids love yoga too, I am teaching them the little I know, and for them too I wanted to learn more to be able to share more .

Meet the “Guru”

12874366_10153895569771138_654074274_oAnd here came Pascale: The Swiss former professional dancer is an incredible yoga teacher, not only for her professionalism but also for her generosity. She is not merely giving a class, she is explaining, taking time to  align our postures with props, explaining how we can feel better in a position. “Yoga is not about how it looks. It’s about how it feels“. I have made this quote my mantra!

I have met many teachers from all my years living in India, Thailand and Europe. But this one is special, she really embodies yoga, in her practice but also in her philosophy and her positive attitude. She is so humble that unless you are googling her, you would probably never find out about all the books she wrote and the teachers trainings she has led all over the world! Believe me, had I have half her credentials, you would know it! (I know .. still working on this ego stuff).

I have attended dozens of her classes, and they are all different, there is always something new to take back home. Including her famous desserts (the well deserved yummy savasana!)

You see the girl on the right? Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 14.24.55That’s me!

Well, just for the top and the pony tail. If you see me on the mat, “Hyper flexible” are not the first words that would come to your mind. Not even “flexible” actually ..

Still, I enrolled in Pascale’s 200 h yoga teachers training because I need to find some balance in my life, and I feel that yoga is the most natural way.

The first 20 h of Yoga Teacher Training 

Every morning starts with an up to 2h practice in Waterfront Hotel. The classes are open to any yogi, and on Sunday it is Yoga for a Cause, donation based for a foundation supported by Pascale. Then we learn anatomy, the philosophy of yoga and and take the time to go very deeply into the postures.

Let’s take the mountain pose (tadasana). Any yogi “knows” this basic posture, the foundation of them all. But there is so much more to this asana than simply standing on your feet. If you want to teach it right, you have to really understand thoroughly. Our group is small enough to have great exchanges and learn not only from our teacher but also from each other.

For someone who has quit school a few centuries ago, our workload is HUGE. My vocabulary has dramatically shrunken since I became a Mum to the essential pipi, caca, bobo and no, no, no!  I haven’t been focused on learning for such a long time, I don’t even know how much my brain can take after almost 2 years of sabbatical.. Plus I never taught yoga to any adult before, let alone in English!

When I opened Pascale’s guidelines for the training and I felt she had wrote the intro especially for me: “don’t judge yourself or others: this is not a competition but a personal journey. We want this place to be a peaceful and safe sanctuary for practice and learning“. She nailed it! My ego would have been too heavy on the mat anyway ..

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 20.59.57On top of all the readings, assignments and homework, we are required to practice at least 3 times a week, and do one home practice. We must also meditate a minimum of 30 mn a week, and teach 2 karma classes (free). If with all this work I don’t come all zen and fresh at the altar next year ..Anyone up to a free class, just tell me!

My first impressions after the first week end? My head is full, my body happy and my mind so eager to learn more. Look at this drawing, doesn’t it look like a treasure map to you ?there is so much to explore …

I’ll keep you posted on my most important learnings. Till then.. See you on the mat !


More about Pascale’s practice and teachings on Amazon.

Join her incredible classes and trainings in Cebu and around

My favorite yoga studio in Cebu (although there are many other ones)

Asana Yoga in the Waterfront Hotel (what a beautiful studio full of awesome people!)

Love Yoga World in IT park 🙂

200 P a class, hardly 5 dollars with the best teachers, there is no excuse for skipping a class! (and they all have promo and passes). You are only one class away from a GooD mood 🙂







31 thoughts on “Back to school to become a Yoga Teacher!

  1. Always great to follow you and to know your endeavors, dear friend! Shabbat Shalom to you and your family in France. Hugs, my wonderful friend! 🙂

    1. Thanks So much My dear ! It’s been a while, I have lots of catch up to do on your blog. Time has been flying since we came back from Europe.. Shabbat shalom to you all and talk soon here or there ❤️

    1. I’m not there at this stage of flexibility but the good thing of being a SAHM is that you have so many chances to try the postures, while picking up toys, protecting the kids from each other .. 😉 I m sure you too are a yogi in the making ! You are booked for a free private course in Europe 🙏🏻

      1. It is not me on the picture my dear 😉 As I said, all I share with this woman is the pony tail, but I am getting there .. probably next life though!
        I need to visit your blog again, and will do this week, I have been missing your adventures.XXX

      2. Believe me, the day I am that flexible, the whole world will know 😛
        Hope those Deutsch are treating you well 😉 I bet you are fluent by now, have you changed the flip flop for proper clogs yet?

      3. hahaha! 😀

        Fluent? Are you kidding? I’m killing it! (NOT!) Spud on the other hand though, has been my corrector and teacher. SHE is absolutely killing it with the language.
        I’ll pass the clogs. :p Missing my flip flops big time! x.

  2. Congratulations on your new path! I think what is flexible is your mind, and that seems even more important than the body’s ability to bend and flex. The longer we live, the more we need to keep learning, and your openness to that is what will keep you happy and healthy longer! Kudos to you for undertaking something new and challenging, and good luck with it!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! thanks for the confidence and for sending such great positive vibes all the way 🙂

      I totally agree that the longer we live the more we need to keep learning. It is refreshing to go beyond our comfort zone, to open our mind and our spirits. For us, and for the people living with us 😉
      And dear, you are definitely leading by example in this category as well. I really admire your solo travels and your everlasting curiosity and ability never been bored of moving around.. Thanks for inspiring 🙂

  3. Great that you went back to school and are on a learning path! Enjoy! When my last child graduated high school, I went back for my masters at age 47, and now teach part time at a university. Best investment I ever made. Congrats!

    1. Really? waou this is very inspiring, well done! I am really looking up to you!
      Thanks for your very kind words, I have been hesitating quite a lot before joining the training if the investment was worth it given my “old age” 😉 And I realised that the mere fact of going back to school is pretty exciting, and I have been missing learning and studying.
      Kids grow up so fast, I can’t believe they are going to school most of the day, I feel that this training will also benefit them. I should be a bit more relax and learn to give them more space too (a tiny little bit though)
      HAve a beautiful week!

  4. I have just been to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica too (see my latest post)! It was only 3 days but I wish I spent more time. I am contemplating doing either a teacher’s training or doing the silent vipasana course. You had me on that picture I thought that was you. heheh. Up till now, I still couldn’t perfectly hold the crow pose for more than a second! I am glad Cebu has those kinds of yoga classes, that is good to know.

    1. Cebu has so many yoga classes and trainings now, and the community is just awesome! Can you believe they stopped a class yesterday because it was one of the girl’s Bday and the food had just arrived ? It happened a few times so I called it the “Pinoy Savasana”. Awesome! Is there best way to relax than sharing a delicious meal with friends? all Filipinos dishes but they replaced the meat by “coconut meat”. Incredibly yummy!

      Silent Vipanasa .. Good luck with this one, you ll be my hero! Lots of my Thai friends have done it, and they looked great after. But for me it would be real torture 😛

      Btw have you ever tried the meditation in the Chinese Temple in Cebu?
      Off to read you post! Namaste 😉

      1. Nothing like Pinoys and their food. No one gets in their way not even yoga! hehehe… Pinoy savasana, thats a good way to describe it. I can’t believe she brought food to a yoga class. 😛 Well, the vipasana class is just a thought for now… who knows? But it is a challenge. I haven’t tried the meditation temple there, didn’t know there was one but then again, the last time I visited the Chinese temple was in high school! Namaste! 🙂

      2. You got to come back home before we leave ! Or else, actually, who knows, maybe we ll be neighbours in our next posting ?…

      3. Nooo, wait for me!!! I wanna hang out with you. You are the most coolest French mum living in Cebu I know! Not that I know of any. heheh.. 🙂

      4. I am waiting for you with a huge lechon in one hand a lechon manok in the other! Hurry, people start looking at me in weird ways …

      5. Oh no!!! A vegan in the Philippines? yikes. Hope there’s more food choices and options for you now a days.

      6. at least I can have fish, I am not that hardcore 😉 Not the ones they sell in those glass cans in Bantayan, intestines includes though 😛

      7. Definitely not in this life! I ll gladly give you my share, with uttermost pleasure 😛

  5. I somehow missed this when you first published, but I want to do this! Or something like this. I do yoga daily–I practice with Adriene Mishler via her youtube channel–but would love to someday do an intensive class like this. OMG. It seems dreamy. Yoga is my lifeline. Ever since I started doing yoga a few years ago, I can’t go without it. On the days I don’t do it, I feel a marked difference in my mindset (in not a good way). I also love that continuous practice cultivates both your mind and your body. I really find it is the absolute best way to feel both physically and mentally healthy.

    1. Oh yes! It has become mine too.. I also love discovering the 8 limbs of yoga and spending much time on the yama and nyama. When I can’t practice asana, this is where my focus of the day lies. What I love about yoga is that it is not only about work out, but so much work in .. You’d love the teacher training my dear, but be ready to sweat, not only physically .. So worth it though!Teach in India, you ll have it all 🙏🏻

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