Cherry on top: this kid is awesome but wait till you meet his Mum …


What do you do when you feel you could use a compliment or 2 to cheer you up? Especially when you have spent so long making sure your kids are fed and dressed that you (again!) leave the house hungry and looking like a slob?

Here is my unbeatable strategy: I print T-shirts with the message I need to read and make my kids wear it for as long as needed. This one comes in different colours and shapes so Mr and his sister can wear them several days in a row until I feel I have enough. Mr Attila is turning 4 on Friday, and as much as I am very excited to celebrate his Bday (probably even more than him), we should also remember that there was another person involved in this very beautiful day, who did quite lots of work ..


Thanks son ! My ultimate pleasure;)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge “Cherry on top





12 thoughts on “Cherry on top: this kid is awesome but wait till you meet his Mum …

    1. Thanks for reminding him that there should be only 1 day when you get whatever you want 😛 Off to the school, with a big cake, how cool is that? We parents are invited to cut the cake but only the teachers have to deal with the sugar rush .. X

    1. Thanks 🙂 He’s been counting the days since last month, so excited to finally blow his 4 candles this morning! Have a lovely day

    1. Thanks so much ! Celebrations have just started, under heavy rains! This is my present, it is almost cool here, so the chocolate shouldn’t melt too fast .. Per-fect 😉

  1. Oui….Tu as raison!un jour de “règne total devrait suffire. ….alors,très heureux anniversaire au petit roi,et félicitations aux heureux parents pour nous avoir pondu une merveille,et de m’avoir pour le coup,bombardée” mamie du siecle”….

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