Home schooling kind of morning

Since their Dad’s office has been moved to Bantayan island (6 hours away from us), we try to visit him every couple of months. The Attilas’ school has been very understanding, giving us all the homework we would need so the kids won’t feel left behind when they’ll resume school.

Mornings are the best times to go out and explore, so we have our special office hours.


Out from 7 to 11. Lunch, and studying all afternoon.

Conclusion: more family time, greater flexibility, and last but not least, the kids get to learn within the context of real life. Teaching them how to count with sea shells, reading by the shadow of palm trees while sipping buko juice, not all schools can provide this kind of standards …

Our contract in the beautiful Philippines is up to June, and we’ll may work in a slightly colder country after so Carpe Diem!

How about you?  What does your Morning look like ?


23 thoughts on “Home schooling kind of morning

  1. You have a wonderful morning in your office, that’s a privilege, so true. Most of us do not have it, but we do not complain, everywhere there is some piece of happiness, the most important to enjoy everything you have!
    S, you will stay there till next June, don’t you feel a bit sad? What other cold country you are talking about? Hope not Siberia…it would be too drastic! Perhaps you will come back to France, to your lovely home, won’t it be fantastic?
    Happy morning to you!

    1. You are totally right, happiness is to be found everywhere and anywhere, This is the best attitude to be Happy, some people would be bored anywhere even here ..
      Hehehe, definitely not Siberia for the next posting! That would be far too hard for us all .. But we are considering .. Canada! That would be a very big change already, but at least the province we are thinking about is French speaking and it is “only” 10h away from our French family ..
      And I would not mind living with the seasons for a while, so I can have flowers in my garden too and exchange beautiful pics with you 😉
      Let’s see … We still have some months ahead … Stay tuned! All the very very best from our little island X

      1. Oh, yes, living with seasons is a great pleasure, always something new!
        Canada is a wonderful opportunity, I cross fingers for your good luck. I am sure you and your family will like there, this is a dream country. Many of my friends of friends and even some distant relatives live in Canada, or study there, they are all happy. There is a high living standard. One of the biggest Ukrainian diaspora lives there, sometimes you can find villages where I can hear my own language. Unfortunately, I had no chance to visit this country and somehow life did not present me with an opportunity to work there and live, but I heard a lot of positive. And we should not forget that nature there is breathtaking!
        Hope you will manage to accomplish your plans! Huge good luck!
        All the very best from me as well!
        I appreciate our blog friendship and your kind attitude! Hope to stay in touch! Hugs!

      2. Now you got me even more eager to see Canada! The nature (green) is really what we have been craving for – especially the Swiss part of the family 🙂 I didnt know there were so many Ukrainians there, who knows, maybe we ll meet up in Canada in a few years ?.. Or in Europe before, sounds easier so far though 🙂
        Big hug and thanks for your lovely comments, as always

      3. You are so welcome! This world is not so big as it seems, it could be great to meet one day! It can be a wonderful surprise!

  2. I would consider your mornings beautiful and full of inspiration, even there are some obstacles on the way. Kids could learn much more things while exploring by themselves not like at school.

    1. Oh yes, you are right , there is so much to learn outside, where the sole uniform is flip flop and sun screen 😉 When they discover new shells, we are all becoming detectives, looking for the name, how it lives .. Everything makes much more sense when we can experience what we are learning in books. What did your morning look like ?
      (btw your blog is beautiful, you are very talented!)

      1. Thank you =) Your experience is really interesting. I think I should keep that in mind when I’ll be a mother 😉 As for my mornings they are not that much about the adventure, basically I start day with work, but my work is my hobby, so i would consider my mornings quite good as well ❤

  3. Such a beautiful shot of your kids enjoying the beach and learning at the same time. They must enjoy each day very much and don’t think learning as a chore – after all, if it’s fun, then you won’t mind. “special office hours” – I like that saying.

    My mornings are really very different and involve the usual routine of waking up and going to work. Luckily I love my job 😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mabel ! I loved reading your last post on your dreams vs. unsupportive parents, it sounds like a big contrast compared to the lifestyle of my kids. Although in reality, there is a lot in common, all parents wanting the best for their little ones, in a way or another .. My kids do attend regular school too, and we are lucky to have found one that praises the emotional quotient of the little students too, so they have room to express their creativity in between maths and reading 😉
      At the end of the day, what matters is that you wake up happy doing a job you love, how great is that?
      Have a lovely one 🙂

    1. Oh yes! Now that we are back in the “city”, we are learning to make mosquito repellent .. Natural science time 😛

    1. Thanks 🙂 Your country is so so beautiful, not sure we would be so encline to homeschooling if we were living in Europe …:P

  4. Oh, such lovely morning light. It is too often overcast here. I hope you get to time to enjoy this glorious light, water and warmth before your next assignment.

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