If only The Brangelina had chosen the Expat life

Who would dream of the glamorous of Hollywood when you can have it all for free without the stress in the Philippines? You just need 2 blonde kids with curly hair and long eyelashes and tatatata, paparazzi will be all around you. “Can I take a selfie with your handsome son M’am?” “Oh beautiful girl, I love your golden hair. Picture! Picture!“. We are now famous in the whole street (and slightly beyond), in the jeepneys we are taking everyday, and our usual cafes have created a “Attilaccino” (only the foam milk) to please our kids. Do we feel like a pop star family? honestly, even if we wanted, taking yourself too seriously is not possible in the Philippines.

Care for more ? Read the witty post of the very talented Christina from Justbluedeutsch who interviewed me last week …



38 thoughts on “If only The Brangelina had chosen the Expat life

  1. Wow.. I was very amaze by your article.I’m from Cebu too.Good to know,that you always publish some articles about the Philippines.

    1. You are our neighbour 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, we are so grateful to enjoy the Filipino life. And isn’t Cebu growing super fast? Over the last 2 years, the little town has turned into a serious rival of Manila don’t you think?

      1. Yes.We are growing up so fast.I’m a new blogger.And Im still finding my way to what blogging is really all about.You are one of my inspiration,thanks

  2. I read the article about your and your life as an ExpatMama, I liked it very much. I felt that your experience gave you a lot. You seem to find your way, this is absolutely fantastic!

    1. Thanks dear Ann 🙂 Eventually yes, and when I read Christina’s post I realised I had done more than I thought. Who would have predicted that I would ever teach yoga in the Philippines?! How are you and your lovely couple of rabbits? 😉

      1. Yeah, life is full of surprises! I am sure your job as a yoga teacher is the best experience ever, it is not a job it is a pleasure I guess.
        I am doing well, thank you, Estelea! Rabbits are fine, they gave babies. However, I have not seen them for some time since I am stuck in office. My vacation period is over and I am back to working routine. Now I concentrate a lot on my films, you remember I like filmmaking. I have my youtube channel and recently film about Poland journey took more than 2000 views, would you believe it? I am as happy as a kid!
        And how are you?

      2. Well done Ann, I need to watch this video, do you have a link to it ? Congrats, you are really an artist!!!
        All fine here, getting ready for our Parisian getaway next month. Cant wait to see my hometown – by the forest, in fall … Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Sure thing that I’ll get an autograph and selfie with the Attilas as soon as our paths have crossed.Xx
    Glad you liked it.You are a wonderful Mom and nobody can take that away from you. I’m sure one day, your kids will be so thankful that you’ve brought them along in your beautiful journey.
    Have a fabulous day ahead Super Mama!

    1. Thanks so much dear! We are indeed enjoying our time in the PH, and will leave with great memories (minus the karaoke of our neighbour. God had to be fair, PH can’t have it all) XXX

  4. what a great article and a fantastic read!! One question to add though: What would you have thought seven years ago if someone had told you that some time in the future there would be nothing but kids and yoga?
    You know all about my family situation, so I am fully with you on that 😉

    1. 😀 Tell me about it …Let me confess a hilarious thing: last week I even sold made cookies. Me. Even my own mother was .. surprised, to say the least! Never say never, and be open to any new (legit) opportunities, they are all new chances to have fun and explore! I am now thinking of opening a Cafe Boutique, let to know where …
      Maybe in the beautiful Danish place you mentioned in one of your last posts? 😉

      1. you are secretely reading my blog – great!! 🙂
        This particular Danish place might be perfect for Cafe Boutique if you can afford to not earn any money and rather live on love, air and excellent coffee (which I might just prefer over anything else). Do you need a barista for your cafe???

      2. Of course I do 🙂 For some reasons I noticed that my comments did not appear on your blog. Will try again, same happens with another blogger actually .. How about I work there only in summer? you are already used to winters , aren’t you, so you ll take over then

      3. sounds good – you’ll work summer (I’ll be at the beach or sailing), winter I’ll take over…
        Strange re your comments, have certainly not included you in my spam list!! 😉

      4. I appreciate your last sentence 😛 Will comment again, so you know I am not only a secret admirer 😀

    1. Oh thank you, this is indeed a very beautiful compliment. It took me a little time to adjust to the life in Cebu and to my new and exclusive title of Stay at Home Mum. Our ego can be such a spoiler sometimes .. But the moment I put it aside, I eventually started having real fun. (The fact that Philippines are blessed with endless summer and the filipino are very welcoming has certainly helped 😉 XXX

    1. You ll have to fall on line super early, you know that ..;) But I can help, I have connections …See you next year here and before there XXX

      1. I’m veeery patient! hehe. But at the same time, I can’t wait for next year to come!!!

      2. I’m going to get lost thats for sure! You would make an excellent tour guide. 🙂 But Im afraid I don’t think I can stand the horrible traffic either.

  5. Salut. Tu vas bien? Content de te retrouver. Après un mois à Paris et un mois de crève, je recommence à peine à faire surface. 🙂
    Sais-tu déjà où vous serez réaffectés?
    A +

    1. Aloha! J’espere que ta creve n etait pas consecutive au bon air frais parisien et que tu vas mieux! Rien encore de notre cote sauf que je me projette totalement et commence le networking direction … Montreal! Ca prendra peut etre du temps, mais ca vaut le coup de tout lancer .. On sera a Paris fin oct, mission preparation de mariage et reseautage canadien ..

      1. Montreal? Grands dieux? Au point de vue climat c’est la douche écossaise pour tes enfants… Es-tu sûre? (Qd j’avais 10 ans on a été muté de Guinée à Amsterdam… Choc) Heureusement après les NL, ce fut Nairobi. 🙂 Ton mariage est prévu quand déjà? C’est l’année prochaine non? 🙂 (Quand à la crève ça fait presque un mois que ça dure. Je soupçonne la pollution locale et/ou une allergie. Je vais voir un autre toubib ce soir.) Bz

      2. La douche ecossaise est toujours plus supportable a leur jeune age 😉 Il y a de moins en moins de postes pour expats en Asie du SE, et franchement, un peu de saisons et de Noel vraiment blancs … C’est toujours mieux que de rentrer a Paris, non? 😉
        Mariage en 2017, oui, aout ou septembre. On pense avoir trouve un endroit, que nous irons visiter le mois prochain, mais c’est 50 personnes max. C’est tellement diplomatique ces invitations, ca prend tellement de reflexions que je me demande parfois si on ne ferait pas mieux de se louer une villa en Italie avec les temoins et la tres proche famille et se faire un petit week end post mairie tranquillou … Ce qui me retient est que tout de meme, je m’afficherai bien en petite robe champagne 😉
        J’espere que ta sante va mieux! Il pleut des cordes ici, je ne peux meme pas envoyer une photo ensoleillee mais le coeur y est. X

      3. merci pour le coeur. Un nouveau toubib m’a bourré de médocs, on verra. 50 max c’est pas beaucoup, diplomatiquement. La villa en italie me paraît une belle idée. Toscane? Quand à rentrer à Paris, tout mais pas çà! Pour les enfants il y aura la neige, les castors, qqs nuits dans une cabane de rondins… A + ma grande.

  6. You’ve done so so well in living life with zenness to the fullest! It’s really amazing what you have achieved and I bet you’d never, ever want to go back to Bangkok and do the work thing again. Opening a cafe? Hey! I’ll come help you with the baking!!!
    xoxoxox. Wonderful interview there, too! We need to hang out!!!

    1. Yes we do ! Be careful what you wish for, I d definitely need a baker 😉 How cool would that be?
      Thanks so much for your very kind words dear, they really mean a lot ❤

  7. Ahhh this is too funny. But that is the interesting part of living as a foreigner in a different country and culture. My now adult son has strawberry blonde hair and while in central Mexico recently, he was treated like a celebrity. It is fun when “differentness” is celebrated!


    1. Indeed ! During our last Parisian trip, my son asked us why people were not taking pictures of him.. Reverse culture shock 😉

    1. Thank you so much Andrew. Your words go straight to my heart 🙂 Many many beautiful things to you from this side of the world

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