This is not the end. This is just The Beginning

(c) Andrea Ciannevei

Yes it happened and don’t expect me to cry and enrage over the results. It’s done. It shows the power of one vote and that we should never, ever underestimate it.

Of course I am in shock, but I decided to put all my energy on those who need it. If there is one thing that this vote taught me is that every word has consequences, every silence too. I have been very passive on this election, so sure that at the end of the day, Hillary would win. That the American people were just toying with the idea of having this fascist as a president. That is was all a joke to keep the media busy.

Yet it happened. When all my American friends were so campaigning for the Democrat candidate, I thought their fears were totally disproportionated. But I was wrong.

In a few months it will be my turn to elect my president, in France.

We are just  back from vacations in Paris and the political ambience is devastating. There is no such thing as a unified socialist (democrat) party anymore and the extreme right party (FN) is trumping its way to the top. I have been very tempted to vote conservator for the first time of my life, for a change. After all, they can not be all that bad ..That was before the American elections.

They made me realise one thing of uttermost value. Change has to come with me and nothing good can happen if I don’t ACTIVELY stand strong for my values, especially in times of doubts and crisis.


More than ever, I need to clearly picture what I want to accomplish and keep checking to see if I am still on track. Just like in yoga, having an intention for my practice (or indeed for my life) and then paying attention to what I am doing.

It’s always easier to condemn than to think of alternative solution. In the midst of the US chaos, I want to see it all as a strong wake up call. At my own little level, what can I teach my children to raise them as respectful and optimistic people? what kind of attention can I give to the bullied and the ones who would use my voice to speak up for them? Instead of asking us what our neighbour/family/country can do for us, it’s about time to wonder what we can all do for them? we are in this all together, my neighbour’s wellbeing becomes mine. As Mother Teresa so rightly said “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family”.

So even if the socialist camp is weak and there is no proper leader yet, they will have my vote. I will stand for my humanist values.

I’ll do the best I can through my vote, through writing, through offering yoga classes, through teaching meditation to children, anything in my hands to help protect the most defenseless among us.


It is about time to set up a counter revolution.

Are you in?


12 thoughts on “This is not the end. This is just The Beginning

  1. Bien dit!il me manque juste ton pouvoir…..a moins que tu ne te déplacés à l’ambassade de France.garder ses valeurs,ma chérie,c’est le plus important.

  2. I’m in, but I feel so tired, so defeated, so sad and so outraged right now. How can I look my fellow countrymen in the face? How can I look the rest of the world in the face? Maybe tomorrow I will feel better, just a little, and we can build on that. Thanks for your positive words.

    1. There’s a time for everything my dear and I totally hear you. I honestly still can’t believe it. It still look like a very gross joke. I never ever believed this could happen, especially after Obama. We are with you and feel for you with all our heart❤️

  3. As a young millennial American who had so much hope for this election, I feel nothing but sadness right now. I cried myself to sleep last night. I am ashamed to be an American today. I feel so dirty and defiled that my country elected this racist, bigoted man.

    Thank you for this post, Estelea. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and hope for the future. We can’t change the outcome of this election, but we can continue to strive for a better future by doing the best we can as individuals. I know I certainly will.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Britta! I feel so much for you and your people right now, I never believed he had a real chance to win. Yet here we are and it’s not only you that is sad and angry, its all of us sharing the same values of respect, progress and authentic democracy .
      I can’t understand this vote, yet I have to, at some stage. Your country is not Trump so what does this vote tells us? Where does all the hate, the fear and the defiance come from ? Btw have you watched “where to invade next?” By M. Moore ?

      1. I have chosen to accept this outcome, as painful as it is, and do my best as a person to spread kindness wherever I go. I cannot change the outcome of this election and I will not be able to change the policies Mr. Trump and our Republican Congress will enact. I know that, in the next four years, I will watch my government make choices that will pain me. I know that I will watch policies that I stand by morally–in regards to the environment and women’s health and racial and gender equality to name a few–be belittled, defunded, and possibly even repealed, and I will only continue to be frustrated and saddened and hurt. Yet, I refuse to let that harden me. I truly believe that people are good at heart, Estelea, and I will try my best to always spread kindness and goodness, even in the darkest of times. I only hope this country will take something positive away from the Trump presidency in the end.

        Also, I have not seen “Where to Invade Next.”

      2. You are a such a mature and inspiring person my dear. You are what your country needs now, pragmatism and resilience. Let’s see, the presidency can not be summed up to one person, and I want to believe that the counter powers of your country are strong enough to prevent Trump’s electoral “promises” to ever happen. A very famous French President was asked why he did not comply with some of the most populist promises he made during the elections. He answered ” promises only bind those who believe in them”. Political rhetoric in elections times and real politics can be pretty different ..

        I strongly believe that the way to counter individual like the ones who elected Trump is to promote more inclusion, just as you said “spread kindness” so they feel they still belong in our society. I don’t think it will never work with the hardcore ones but I still want to believe they are a minority ..

        Try to watch the movie. It is very uplifting and opens great horizons. For a change 😉

        Big hug!

      3. You are right, Trump is only one person and we still have the system of checks and balances in American government, which will hopefully do some good despite a Republican majority in both houses. You are also right that political rhetoric during elections is very different from politics in practice. I also believe there are enough people in this country who dislike/disagree with Trump (Hillary did, after all, win the popular vote just barely) that the desire for goodness and acceptance and equality will still remain a powerful force in this country, regardless of who is president.

  4. Thank you, Estelea, for this plunge into the murky, icy waters of “the day after”. Even though I had hoped and prayed this would turn out differently, the trajectory Of the past years told a different story! And still, I am shocked along with the rest of you! Today is a day of grief! Tomorrow (literally, or figuratively speaking) we will carry on, continue to write, speak, do whatever is in our power to stop the erosion and to shore up the protection of peace, inclusion, equality and love. I am energized to hear how you are doing that!
    My heart is heavy, but I will press on. In time.
    I stand with you, and other European countries, also inching too close to the precipice of bigotry and hatred. Press on, my friend. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. Yes, there is a time for everything indeed, and I admire your resilience. This is indeed the strength of your country fellowmen to me, you are moving on, pressing forward. Bless you all and yes, I ll definitely press on !

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