Let’s set our intention for the week!


I always start my yoga classes by setting an intention for my practice. To make it simple, an intention is is a guiding principle for how you want to live, and a way to bring heart and mind into alignment.

Some times I chose mindfulness, especially on Friday when the kids have used all my stock of patience. I would start my practice with this quality in mind, spending more time on my adjustments, breathing consciously. Every asana will be done mindfully, and the same flow would have felt very different had I chosen strength. This is one of the things I love about yoga: being fully in the practice notably by setting your intention and living according to it. On and off the mat.

Today I chose goodness.

Ahimsa is one of the cardinal vertus of Yogis. It is commonly translated to mean non-harming or non-violence, sometimes even compassion, both towards oneself and towards others. Goodness to me goes one step further. It’s wishing good, and doing good.

Sounds hard to practice? Here is a little meditation technique I am using with my 6 years old daughter. It’s called “Change the Channel” (from the excellent book Yoga for Children from Lisa Flynn). Want to try?

Can you remember a time when you found yourself acting or feeling negatively? Perhaps you had a morning when everything that could go wrong, did. Or maybe someone hurt your feelings?Try to recall now what you chose to do. Sulk? lash out? complain to anyone who would listen? if you did act negatively, how did you feel? what is helpful or harmful?

“Did you know that we have a choice abut how we react to a bad situation? We have the power to change OUR channel when we don’t like our behaviour or attitude, just like we change the channel on the TV when we don’t like what is on. Let’s try.

Imagine you are waiting in line for the bus and someone bumps into you, causing you to drop your back into a puddle. Naturally you might feel yourself start to become angry. Byt then you remember you can choose how to react by simply changing your channel. Rather than lashing out, use your yoga tools and pause instead to take a deep breath. Of course you are not happy that you bag is wet. But instead you have chosen to turn a channel of forgiveness rather than anger. Notice how you feel …”

Not sure  if I’ll ever be that zen soon but I still love the exercise – getting used to changing our channel. Zapping from angriness to goodness.

For now I’ll stuck to Plot Goodness. It is positive enough and I believe it can evolve in the short term.

How about you? What is your intention for the week?

Wishing you all a Beautiful one ❤


14 thoughts on “Let’s set our intention for the week!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful inspiration. I was sick for the past days and Its hard for me to focus on being “good”. I realized that the more I feel bad, I feel even more sick.
    Changing lanes is as quick as a blink.
    Cheers to a beautiful week ahead! XO

    1. Oh I hope you are already feeling better! SInce we have started this little meditation, we realised it is really a practice that works. The more you are “zapping” the bad to turn to channel “good”, the more you realise there is hardly no traffic on this road. We all tend to dwell into the negative, it is the easier way to get attention, to feed our ego, I guess it is all too human.
      Practicing this little meditation is part of my own little “Post American Election Recovery Kit”. Work in progress 😉
      Get well soon my dear, sending you tons of good vibes from your home country! XXX

  2. Changing the channel applies to everything doesn’t it? It’s an excellent thing to be able to do when you’re dealing with foreign bureaucracy, which as expats we do quite a lot.

    1. Tell me about it .. I used it yesterday at the bank, a split second before barking at the guy at the counter! And it worked 🙂
      How is life is SA? I owe your blog a visit, see you there super soon

    1. One of my conclusions after the US elections: first focus on developing individual responsibility before collective responsibility… It is all in our hands (and mind. And heart !)

      1. individuals “come” first, sad but true. Individual responsiblity has to be developed before any possible collective responsibility can emerge. In fact, you can (almost) only develop collective action if there is a convergence of individual interests. Individual survival insitinct you might say. Again, sad but true. 🙂 But the path is there: develop individuals then the “collective” can be formed. As a collection of responsible individuals. Il y aurait bcp à dire, mais on est d’accord. 🙂

  3. I love this post, It co-ordinates well and is very much where ‘my head and heart are at’ with the post we just wrote on Buddhism. Mindfulness is such a great lesson and of course we all need to keep practicing it, because it is not always easy. I definitely agree one can “change the channel” or differently stated, switch from ‘judgement’ to ‘observation’ ~ that in and of itself helps us slow down our reaction time instead of lashing out as we all tend to do. Wonderful that you are exposing your daughter to this skill set from an early age.

    Okay am off to my Vinyasa yoga class. Will set a good intention ~ thanks for the reminder…



    1. Thanks for pointing to this great post of yours! Buddhism is such an inspiring philosophy to me ..
      My daughter loves those little guided meditations, I think she is at the right age to understand because there is always a way to relate. We did this exercise tonight again, as she was mad at her brother again. I felt so happy when she said “I am looking at my feelings and I ask myself do I want to feel bad and angry? no. Then I change the channel”. Wish I had a bit of this knowledge even .. a few years ago 😉
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, very much appreciated ! Namaste

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