It’s not This Time of Year without ..


gerund or present participle: indulging 
allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of :’we indulged in some hot fudge sundaes”
Synonyms: wallow in, give oneself up to, give way to, yield to, abandon oneself to, give free rein to;
There is a time for everything and this is Desserts and Chocolates season. The only time of the year when indulging is almost compulsory. Plus it’s winter, we need those extra calories don’t we? do you have a favourite dessert at this time of year? Something typically Decemberlike?
Let’s keep the good diet resolution for (late) January!
Till then, Bon Appetit 🙂
(In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge It’s not this time of year without ..)

9 thoughts on “It’s not This Time of Year without ..

    1. You are right but this season is totally legit ! Who would wear a bikini in December anyway (heu … Me actually 😩)

    1. oups, just saw your message 🙂 Happy belated Xmas and a beautiful new year to you all. See you soon here or there XXX

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