Monday Window Challenge : Shopping in Paris!


Among the things that make me home sick, window shopping in Paris comes in my top 5. Especially at this time of year .. Wouldn’t it be nice if retail therapy was covered by health insurance ?

In response to Cee Neuner ‘s Photo Challenge on Windows


15 thoughts on “Monday Window Challenge : Shopping in Paris!

    1. Maybe we can cut a deal? Like those great communities exchanging skills or goods?
      I would even cook for clothes 😉 Have a great one Manda!

      1. you know me too well…!! So, what about one side of the street with your kind of shops, the other side with “toys for the boys”, and occasionally a bar/cafè/restaurant im between for family reunion? New city concept??

  1. Did you get a good shopping fix in while you were home? I do love the windows, but I am a terrible shopper in general! (Might explain why I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet 😬)

    1. I did not! Aside from the essential oils, books and chocolate. As long as I dont know where we ll be posted in 6 months, I am still on an hyper minimalist dressing code. Flip flop, shorts and yoga apparels. But it was so so tempting ..

  2. That’s the joy of window shopping…. no purchases, just “eye candy”. I think my favorite place to window shop is Paris too. The way windows are put together ( all year round) is so aesthetic it is such a treat. Love doing that especially in the St. Germain area.

    1. Ahhh.. St Germain .. And they have opened an incredible shop with all the essential and vegetable oils one can dream of, where you can make your own organic creams, lotions,soaps .. yummy …

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