Sisterhood pride

I so wish I were in a big town yesterday, in Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Paris, Barcelona, London or Berlin, marching with all those beautiful people! Standing peacefully yet so strongly for our values and our basic rights. There was no such thing as colour, race, religion .. It was about gathering strong in the name of tolerance and respect.


I have been scrolling Twitter for hours, feeling stronger and more empowerered each time a new town joined the march, whenever I could feel the contagious excitement and rising hopes of all the marchers .. Yes, Trump is now the president of the United States. But he’s been watched. He’s been scrutinized by the whole Free World. American sisters, you are definitely not alone. We are all standing by your sides. We are into this together!

Hilary might have lost the presidency. Yet her victory was so loud behind the signs of women power. Those are favorite pics of the march, so sassy, nasty, cute yet very determined:

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I wish I could join a march yesterday but there was no such protest organised on our little Filipino island.Yet  I was in spirits with all my sisters (and brothers!) and did my share: another great discussion with my 6 year old daughter about our duties to stand strong against racism and any kind of descrimination. Even if you feel you are the only one in your group. Even if your teacher is not supporting. Stand strong. Talk to your friends, talk to other adults, we’ll make it right.

She rightly asked me why Trump is has been elected president if so many people believe he is a bad person. That costed her another talk .. It is ok to disagree with people, don’t mind the difference of opinion. It’s challenging your beliefs to hear an opinion radically different from yours. It sometimes really helps in understanding better what is at stake.

But do mind hate.


I have decided not to bitch about what I hate but promote what I love instead.   It’s so much more energizing and uplifting.

My way of raising my son!

This morning there is no “post Inauguration day hangover”. It’s all about possibilities and power of to the people, by the people, for the people. My heart is full and my hopes rekindled: diverse, grassroots, funny, inspiring, fierce, determined, nasty, historic. Yes, we can!





4 thoughts on “Sisterhood pride

  1. Yes it has been wonderful watching the incredible powerful turnout by so many all over the U.S ( and the world.) If only many had been as activated before election day and most importantly ON election day, there would most likely have been a different result. Masses just did not take him seriously enough and were complacent in thinking that Hilary would surely win and therefore not necessary to vote. Oh well, lessons learnt and hopefully people will keep on standing up and fighting back. It is going to be a long four years!!!

    1. Yes it will, but those walks gave me hope and let’s not forget that Trump did not win the people’s vote! I hope the message was clearly received, the world is watching. I even saw a sign with “Melania, if you need help, blink twice” 😀

      Feels to good to see all this beautiful and peaceful energy – yes, it is going to a long 4 years but this is a marathon 😉

  2. I adore what you said “I have decided not to bitch about what I hate but promote what I love instead. It’s so much more energizing and uplifting.” I so agree with you.

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