Repurposing on the road, Filipino Style

Spend some times in the Philippines and you’ll very soon realise that the sky is the limit when it comes to make the best with what you have. Creativity doesn’t need money to express itself at best.

Your motorbike is too small to fit 6 passengers? Take a basket ball to make an additional seat!


Wish you could fit 4 more kids on your bike? Here you go:


The first time Mr Attila rode a tricykad with his sister, I freaked out when I realised there was no proper brake .. So he showed me how “kuyas do it. See, all I need is a flip flop“. And of course it works 🙂



One more for the road? Because it s not all about looking straight forward. Looking up is great too (when you don’t drive though):


I’ve seen beautiful repurposed pieces during Christmas in Bantayan. Click here to find out and there for the most original flower pots I found on the little island ..

(In response to WPC on Repurpose)


19 thoughts on “Repurposing on the road, Filipino Style

  1. I hope these years of seeing resourcefulness in practice will stick with you and your kids when you are back in Europe! We are so wasteful and exacting in the western world; it’s fun to see what you can do with a little creativity!

    1. Yes it is, and very inspiring ! We need to find a way to give all the stuff we have collected waiting to be recycled. I still can’t throw away glass bottles and good plastic bottles and boxes…But there is so much arts and crafts we can do 😛

  2. Such an important concept…that of repurposing rather than always buying new and consuming. The best example of this “waste not” we saw demonstrated in Cuba. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.


    1. I love this quote!
      And yes, there are so many great ways to repurpose .. I am glad to see more and more initiatives on this essential topic in Cebu. Not only kids have an afternoon a week dedicated to RRR but there s also a great trend in the fashion industry for more green/sustainable materials .. Posts to follow, obviously 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend X

    1. Comme sur le side car my dear, c’est la course 🙂 Oui ca va, la tete dans les recherches de boulot, l’organisation du mariage, y a de quoi faire surtout que je n’arrive pas a decrocher des news americaines et francaises .. heureusement que je vais chercher les enfants a l’ecole sans quoi je ne decrocherai pas souvent de l’ordi.
      Je finis la semaine sur de bonnes resolutions de m’aerer les neurones plus souvent et une petite balade sur ton blog est une tjs parfaite occasion XXX

      1. C’est vrai. La noce! Ça s’approche… Oui les news F et US sont à pleurer. ravi que mes élucubrations te servent de distraction. Bon week-end.

  3. Thank you for showing the goodness out of what people may think as scrap.. I am hoping that your stay in Philippines have taught you so much about the difference of life in Europe and there you can be grateful of what you have and learn to appreciate what matters the most.
    Always a pleasure to see my home country in your eyes..Great photos!

    1. Dear, we love it here as you know 🙂 It always has a way to teach us how to be creative. Wandering in Bantayan around Christmas is so inspiring. I will never look at a plastic bottle the same way 🙂

      The only minus point is that it is too far from Europe, but hey, can’t have it all!

      My kids are so into Recycling that I now have to hide the trash or else they ll dig into it and come up with new “potential treasures” … And when I complain about the smell, they tell me to breath some Efficacen 😛

      1. Hahahaha! Efficascent oil??!
        I am going crazy here looking for this oil, there’s nothing! Maybe in Munich there is an Asian store that sell this, but its so hard to find it.
        On eof the things I miss from Philippines and a good “vanilla”that I use in my baking. They only have here ‘vanillin sucker’..doesn’t taste vanilla at all 😦
        Time flies,soon you’ll leave Bantayan so I am so sure the Ph memories that the Attilas have will be treasured.
        Salamat sa lahat ng impact mo sa Pilipinas!

      2. I ll get you some efficascent, You know it comes in all sizes and shapes here ! Will be easier to send from France 🙂
        You ll may find something kinda similar in the Chinese stores, yes. But I ll get you the Real One 💪🏻 xxx

      3. Oh really! Thank you so much.. I would really appreciate that, maybe it will take another 2 years before we visit Ph and I am still roaming around like crazy looking for places where I could buy those. You are really so kind. I need efficascent oil since my daughter always has colds, it helps her to be calm. I am so positive that our paths will cross soon.Please keep me posted once you are in Europe.Would love to get in touch with you.
        Feel better soon and enjoy Ph !

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