My best Valentine present (parenting version)

“Valentine’s Day” is very loud in the Philippines: It’s all about red and pink hearts, mountains of chocolates on display even at the Pharmacy, and if you thought that the karaoke already played the cheesiest songs of the planet … Wait for Feb 14th!

Yet I love Valentine’s Day! I actually take any chance to express my gratitude to the people I love most. I used to make cards for Mr Attila Sr, set up the most original dates, at least stop by the hairdresser and cast a new red sexy dress. The minimum.

2 kids after, Valentine working too far to be with us on weekdays, I now look at this minumum with a bit of nostalgia.. The Attilas woke up feverish, they are reading in bed while I am wondering how do the other couples do? How do keep the fire burning and how do you find the time?


I know, I know .. it’s about making time, not finding time. I don’t care (too much) about the presents, and honestly nothing irritates me more than a “compulsory present”. Yet I wanted like to mark the day, somehow. So I digged into our pictures, looking for inspiration. Our messy stock of pictures .. And I found so many presents.

Pictures from our first dates, in Dubai, India and Nepal. Aside from the hair cut, he hadn’t changed a bit actually. Very found memories of our first trip to Europe and his introduction to my family. A real cultural shock for the shy Calvinist Swiss who got suddently immerged in a loud Sefaradic recomposed family. The first ultrasound of Ms Attila (she already was his copy/paste), the first time he taught Mr Attila Jr how to swim, this night Ms Attila vomited on our bed and he was so prompt in cleaning it all while I was showering her and telling her a bedtime story. Mr Attila may not be so great at saying, but he is so awesome at showing his love in so many ways. As I was time traveling, I felt that my heart was growing and growing.

It was all wrapped with this warm and secure feeling, coming from deep inside, whispering me that I have arrived. I am at home.

No material present will ever be big enough to thank you for inviting me to meet up in Dubai some 7 years ago. No paper heart will be big enough, no chocolate (even Cote d’Or) can taste that good. My Present is the promise to make you at least as Happy as you make me feel. As proud to be with you all the way, everywhere and anywhere. Happy Valentines today and every other day of the years ❤️



22 thoughts on “My best Valentine present (parenting version)

  1. Such a sweet post and I could see so much love between the two of you!

    I don’t like it as well how Valentines is celebrated in Ph. Its so full of hype. Here in Europe its so low key..In Ph its like super-mega loud!

    1. Hohoho, dear, you are turning into a boring European 😉 Just kidding, it is indeed loud here but tell you what, I think I got kinda used to it, and I like it because it is done in such a sincere childish way. Of course it is about business, but people here love so much to have fun and celebrate, that it makes the whole thing fun. Plus it is only one day, not 6 months like Christmas! Did you guys celebrate in Germany? Big Hug!

      1. not boring, but low key maybe ! Where else in the world you see long lines in motels during V-day? Only in the Ph! I never see those frenzy crazy things elsewhere.
        Bavaria celebrates Valentinstag, flowers are special here as well, and I go with your story : Valentines with third-wheel (kids) !

      2. You are so funny! I must admit you’re right 😉 Hope you got all the beautiful flowers you deserve! Have a lovely week end

    1. Hehehehe, it was for a 60s party. That;s what you get when the introvert decides to join the tribe. Even me would have been to shy to wear that 😀 And the picture doesnt show his shades …

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 When I wrote it, I realised how love is in the details, in all the little precious stones we are linking together. We are weaving our stories, every day, and it s so beautiful from times to times to take a step back and admire what we ve been doing, where we are coming from, the direction we are taking ..

    1. Oh thanks so much Dimi! I really enjoyed reading your post today, what a lovely story. Plus this pic of you 2 is so so beautiful .. You made me miss India stunning sense of fashion! Wishing you a sweet day dear!

      1. Thank you for the compliment! Yes, I miss getting into all the colorful Indian clothes myself! I hope you manage a trip back there soon too 🙂 xx

      2. Oh me too ! in fall, when it is just cold enough in Delhi for wearing pashminas 😉 I remember the winters were sooooo cold there

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