Reblog Wed: On valuing our children in the classroom too

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I fell in love with this post. The idea of this teacher is so brilliant and uplifting.

Both Mum and son can confirm that no 3 words have greater power than “I Love You”.

A must read I will definitely insert in my next kids yoga session ❤

Motherhood Made Me Do It

My son came home today with a giant piece of paper with his name written in the middle, surrounded by several incredibly kind words and phrases that his friends had used to describe him. He was beaming with pride when he showed me. It was, by far, his proudest moment in school to date.
To be recognized and appreciated for who we are, and to know that we are truly seen, is something that we all need in life.
When I was in grade 4, I was the new kid in school. Early on the school year I only had a few friends, and my self esteem was fragile at best. Our teacher decided one day to make the kids in our class stand up at the front of the room one by one so everyone could take turns saying something nice about them. Most of these kids had known each…

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