Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

The most beautiful make up for a woman is passion!

But, cosmetics are easier to buy”

– Yves Saint Laurent

And they can do the trick:

No wonder so many men have trust issue .. blame it on the make up!

But honestly, SAHM peeps, who hasn’t dreamed of mastering the magic tips and tricks that would make us look as if had slept 9h straight every single night of the week? I always wanted to learn the basics. My ability to do my eyeliner the same of both eyes is reminiscent of lots of things in my life: close, but never quite right; and wearing mascara in the Philippines quickly turns me into a panda!

When my friend Stephanie invited me for a make up workshop yesterday, I was extatic. My time to shine !!!

The teacher is a professional German make up artist now based in Cebu. She is passionated at her work and you’ll really learn from a pro. She first introduced us to a bunch of brushes (so different from the ones full of paint and glitters we have at home!) and so many palettes of colours, creams, and powders .. I first wondered how I’ll ever remember anything and hoped she would not sink my remaining neurones with too much technicalities.

But no. Denise is very patient and knows her audience. She kept it all simple and very easy to grasp, even when we learnt how to make an evening make up . For the first hour, she explained all about the material she is using and showed on herself how to apply it. As incredible at it may seem, our super chatty group was very focused, taking note, not even giggling! She is indeed an artist, and it was so exciting to watch and learn.

Then it was our turn to do our own make up.


The ambience totally changed! The exhilerating power of make up. It was so much fun to see the transformations  a magic wand with the right colour of powder or gloss could do.

Contouring and highlighting was the hit of the class. I always thought that applying those kind of colors would make me look like a stolen car.

But no, I have to admit that make up is self confidence applied directly to the face!


Still, I ll keep this picture as a precious advice to my son :



More about Denise Bassler make up classes:

Follow her on Facebook for all her upcoming workshops and a glimpse of her work.

All the prices and make up workshops/sessions/shootings …. are listed on her website.


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