This strong desire to travel and explore

Behind me is infinite power

Before me is endless possibility

Around me is boundless opportunity


Graduation is over, we are finally out of the husle and bustle of dusty Cebu ! Last month in the Philippines before we move to new adventures ..

Among the places we ve visited and loved most, BAntayan stands number 1. Here is a little preview of the album I am cooking for you, to be delivered here next Thursday .. Do I need to precise that this time of year is indeed the best to visit?

In response to WPC on Wanderlust


13 thoughts on “This strong desire to travel and explore

  1. Only one more month in the Philippines?? Enjoy it! I can’t wait to hear about how you settle into Vietnam.

    I think I’ve been stationary too long. I adore DC, but I’m getting that travel bug again. Looking to plan a quick domestic trip with a friend this summer (its needed!) and looking forward to currently unplanned future adventures.

  2. I was thinking only one more month means I’m not gonna get there! Wahhh … I guess that means I’ll try Vietnam! 🙂 Enjoy your last weeks!

    1. Thanks dear ! We are having a great time, not too hot yet, you should give Bantayan a second thought 😉 See you in Vietnam anyways X

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