Summer School in Bantayan

It is summer break in our side of the world, so hot that the only options are to live it like a Pinoy: wandering in airconed malls or run away to the nearest beach.

Lucky us, we can escape roasting Cebu (40 degrees today!) and retreat in Bantayan for another 2 weeks. Here is a glimpse of our life here, in case you want to join the fun 😉

Mindfulness anyone?


When nothing matters more than building a zoo for the sea creatures …

busy zoo keepers
making friends in 4D

Our 5 pm appointment: Yoga on the beach of course!

Lucky us we met with Jesslyn, an Aussie Yogi offering hatha and accro yoga in Santa Fe. Icing on the cake she is also a certified kids yoga teacher. Look for her on Kota beach, she teaches every day until August and her classes are donation based.

“oh, crow pose, I see what you mean Teacher” #proudmummy
Can’t think of a more bounding and fun way to explore yoga with kids. A bit harder than it looks though, you ll get the real meanings of trusting and letting go of your fears 🙂
So easy to be in the here and now when your teacher prompts to “gently twist towards the ocean”.

Cultural shock or when you ask your Swiss husband for a candle lights diner by the cliff

And yes we also had candles on the cliff to keep the mosquitos at bay. I guess I have to be more explicit next time or come with a picture.

Bring a cushion to sit on (jeepneys, tricycad and motorcycad don’t come with shock absorbers! ) and jump in:


See you here or there 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


19 thoughts on “Summer School in Bantayan

    1. Oh yes it is 🙂 Still a “preserved spot” from the big touris crows, but not for long ..Good for the local business though and most of all for the environment as the Mayor wants to give the image of a clean island!

    1. Oh yes, last weeks in the Philippines, 2 more weekends in CEbu et .. hop! Oups, still need to pack though .. I keep on telling me “packing will be so fast and easy”, may be time to face reality ..

    1. Thank you 🙂 making memories in a beautiful setting is such a blessing ! All the very best Ji!

    1. Oh yes it’s really fun! Too bad Marcel is almost 2m, can’t pair with him on this one 😉
      Enjoying every minute of it with a break on Sunday, voting day! Let’s hope for the best ! XXX

    1. Thanks dear! We just came back in Cebu to vote, and back there right after .. Sending you lots of sun 🙂

    1. Sending you the best sandy and sunny vibes dear. I know the feeling from Cebu, so hot there is nothing you feel like doing except lying somewhere with the coldest AC!

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