Yes we did: Macron president!

“Centrist politician Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election on Sunday over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen over 66%”

What a relief! what a great news to wake up to! a tolerant, open and optimistic France has kicked out the dark values of the extreme wing party.

“The France that dares”

Had you asked me 6 months ago, I would have never believed this would have been possible. A year ago, I didn’t even know who Macron was. Those elections have been absolutely unpredictable. The conservative party was presumed winner, by all means. Then their supporters voted for Fillon .. and the rest is pathetic history of lies, corruption and arrogance.

It’s a historical moment we are living in France. Never before did we have such a young president. He could be the son of most of the candidates. For some it was a big handicap, as if that valor was depending upon age.

I have been supporting Macron because he cares. For the migrants, for Europe, and because he represents something new, dynamic, audacious. He did not come with the most reassuring promises because he is honest.Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 09.38.11 In our days and age, no one can predict the end of terrorism and that France will live safely ever after. His election proved that we don’t need to transfer the father figure to the president any
more. We need a positive team leader.

Never before did we have a president happily married and lawful to his wife (Mitterrand had a double life, Chirac was not living with Bernadette, Sarkozy’s wife left him a few days after his election, and Holland did not really perform any better with his affair with a French actress ..). I truly believe that happy people work better and are more empathic. Especially in this cruel political field. Ask the Obama ..

My facebook friends purge 

The last 2 weeks have been pretty violent in the French social media. The racist and xenophobic propaganda of the FN, the intox, the posts of the desillusioned who were advocating for “no vote”. They totally drove me mad. I do respect the non Macron vote, but I can’t understand why humanist would not vote against Le Pen. Its like pretending to be a resistant yet having diner with nazis. If you denonce fascism you have to vote against it. The menace was real. I wrote in my status that although it is politically correct to be FB friend with people from all opinions, I could not. I can not consider as friend people who are (in) directly supporting Le Pen’s ideas. Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 09.37.22What a debate it has been, some even prompting me to be a bit more tolerant and yogi minded. They had forgotten that the yogi compassion starts with oneself, may you feel love and compassion towards yourself first. So no toxic relationships for me. I still wish them love. But won’t invite them in my house. Friends to me are people who have my back, who inspire, who make me proud of them. Who are compassionated and loving people.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally defending the freedom of expression, and I believe that it is absolutely needed. We have to respect and listen to everyone, to understand the frustrations, the hopes. So we can make our society better for all. The FN supporters are not all a bunch of brainless fascists, there are also lots of dishearted there who have used their vote to express their anger.

I do respect them and will fight for their freedom of expression. But I will never count them as my close friends.

Today I am also very grateful for my friends who don’t like Macron yet voted for him to express their total rejection of the Front National. I know how it feels, I did it in previous elections. Thank you, thank you for defending the Republic.

Today we are celebrating hope and audacity. I so wished I were in France to read all the newspapers while sipping a cup of coffee on a terrace!

(last but not least, we are proud to give Trudeau a serious competitor, finally 😉

15 thoughts on “Yes we did: Macron president!

  1. I am happy for you! And I agree that you can be friends with people and respect their right to their opinions without having to force yourself to listen to those opinions. If you get hypertension and heart disease from prolonged exposure to toxicity, they will not be the ones paying your medical bills! 🙂

    1. I am going to use this last line of yours, definitely 🙂 THanks for your kind words, it s been such a stressful 2 weeks, so happy it is over and most of all that my fellow French said a very loud NO to the fascist and isolationist ideas of LePen!

  2. I was thrilled to read of your results! You must feel like we did when we first elected Obama. Full of hope and happy to present a new face to the world. Now we are suffering with our Russian puppet and extreme-right fascist while your people saw through the string pulling and the hate to elect a middle ground candidate. I am envious, but I also think both Brexit and our debacle here helped the French to see what could happen if they didn’t vote with their brains. This will sweeten your trip home!

    1. oh yes indeed ! he is smart, articulate, pragmatic and positive and I am happy to finally have someoneone who looks “clean”, unlike the senior candidates who had pendings with the justice ..

      Most of all I am so relieved that we kicked out the dark and poisonous ideas of the FN. It was not a given victory, but we did it 🙂 I do believe she is far worse than Trump, she is a very skilled politician unlike him and totally heartless. So so relieved she is out!

      And yes it does sweeten my trip home ❤️

    1. Indeed! The social media scene was so violent, so rude and disrespectful . More than ever I felt the need to be surrounded by “my tribe”. I needed to purge in order to save my sanity and cure those stomach pains … friendship is more than just respect, it’s also support and positive energy don’t you think? Have a lovely day!

      1. I do agree. I find the divisiveness in public discourse lately very disturbing. I think the whole idea should be that we should be talking so that we can at least understand one another. That’s made difficult by the level of disrespect we have allowed to creep into our conversations. Unfortunately, the result has been that we are all more likely to stay in our corner and not even engage.
        It’s stomach churning really.

      2. Let’s hope for the best 🙂 I believe that our new president will bring some well needed fresh air in the political arena, and he seems more constructive than the other candidates . To me and many we avoided the worse and we feel eager to reach out to our fellow frenchies, no matter their political views.
        The fact that Macron is centrist also means that he should open his government to various political trends, left and right . Let’s see what he’s cooking … I m personally feeling much more eager to engage after the defeat of the FN. I feel that whatever our political views, at least we are all standing for the values of the republic .

      3. I agree we should all hope for the best. I would say that from my perspective it seems like Macron was a good choice, but in a way I hesitate to comment on it too much because I am not French and therefore not really my place to say.

      4. I understand, I felt the same at some stage with the US elections. Yet it feels very heartwarming to know we share the same values, that they are universal no matter what. It’s about rejecting fascism

    1. Indeed !!! Need to find a business that will make me come back more often … so proud of my fellow franchies 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

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