Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

Au revoir la France!

And Merci for our beautiful wedding. For the endless tears well in my eyes with the stirring of overwhelming love! My family are my roots, I am so found of them all, would we be connected by blood or heart. And they were all here, to start with my bunch of crazy siblings I love more than they ll ever know. Not to mention my now husband and my hysterical little Attilas .. Post to follow of course, stay tuned!

Merci aussi pour the reload of my batteries. I had kept too fast a pace for months, there was not even day off between packing from the Phils to moving to Vietnam, with the stress of the logistic of a wedding to organise in hardly 2 months and all the visits to the doctors for the fam .. My body had to stop me, and it did as I slightly injured my cervical spine, endured a few hours of otoconia and had to stop yoga for a few weeks. The good point is that it gave me the well needed time to finally spend time wandering in forest of my childhood, the only place where time has not grip on anything. There is always a moment where beauty stops me and captures me in wonder. Next time the forest will be the main point of my agenda. The rest will follow ..

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 20.00.08

Bonjour Hanoi!

We landed yesterday and had our first coffee in town today. On the coach beside me, I picked the last edition of the Tay Ho Times . It felt as if the edito had been written especially for me:



The kids are resuming school on Wednesday, then the real holidays will begin: MINE!!!
I already found a yoga class to attend, a Creative learning centre nearby, the French institute to visit . This time I have a working permit, and I am planning to make good use of it!  Can’t wait to get started (given the looks of the barrista, seems that I said that very loud. oups)

Stick with us,

And welcome to FrenchtouchinHanoi ❤️




27 thoughts on “Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

  1. Another day, another year and yet another adventure! Plus another language for the kids to master. 😄😄😄 Nothing is gonna stop you this time. Yayyyy for the work permit!

    1. Thanks for the good vibes my friend 😉 Can’t believe we’ve been here only 3 days, our agenda is so packed, between the house hunting, school and trying to find my ways around… So much information to digest. I couldn’t even tell the classes of the kids to the teachers this morning 😛
      At least for now I can blame it on the jetlag 😉 Big hugs !

  2. Hello, newly married woman! Welcome back to blogging.
    First of all, I wish you and yours, all the best in Hanoi. Your always positive and generous attitude to life and others, will give you back in kind.
    I have enjoyed to join your wedding ceremony online, and was thrilled with the happiness and joy, all the way! May it continue endlessly.
    Take good care of your back, and best of luck with finding a job and landing in Hanoi.

    1. Thanks so so much my dear Lucile! So you’re back to the blogosphere too? I’ve been missing the poetry of your posts, great to see you here again!

      I am starting a Yoga for kids teacher training tomorrow, and I will check on a potentiel job next week already! Hanoi is so vibrant, very easy to meet up with like minded expats (and hopefully Vietnamese very soon too). What a change from Cebu! You should come and visit some day, this time we are getting closer 😉

      Big Hug ❤

      1. You are most welcome, dear Stephanie. I’m returning very silently….😂
        It’s been too long away from here and I do miss all of you. It’s not only that I miss blogging as I did it rarely but never really stopped. But it’s difficult to keep in contact with the blogging community when posting irregularly and not visiting the reader often.
        So I’m back!

        That’s great about your yoga training! You will be a wonderful teacher and I guess the atillas will follow it too!
        I’m very excited to hear your impressions about Hanoi. Vietnam is in my must see list and I may surprise you and show up there !

        Best of luck with everything and agia t hug! ❤️

  3. Yay – so glad your summer was suitably French and family-filled, and can’t wait to hear more about your new life in Hanoi. My goal is to get there before your next assignment!

  4. So exciting and it seems things are very active and fulfilling. I’m looking forward to hearing stories of your new journey in Vietnam. I am with you about wandering in nature, so peaceful and necessary. I sense good things happening for you!! Especially if you keep up your positive energy! ❤

      1. Ah! I love how you said that. Waterproof for those rainy days so no matter what you’ll always have sunshine!

  5. Congratulations on your wedding Estelea and a warm welcome to your new home to you and your beautiful family. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures in the months to come. This a wonderful photo and definitely an oooh! Shiny moment.

    1. Thanks Yamuna for your kind wishes that led me to your great blog. You got a new follower here, I love the way you write!

    1. Thanks Swapnil! Your blog is so comprehensive! Next month is Indian week here in Hanoi, I ll write a post about your lovely community here. I have lived 3 years in India and am still cherishing the memories 🙂 Have a beautiful day/night!

  6. Yay!!! You’ll really like it in Vietnam 🙂 if you’re still there next year and I do manage to save up to fly back with the kids, it would be great to meet up with you in Hanoi before we head to Halong Bay where my parents are. So fortunate you found a yoga class so quickly too! 🙂

    1. Oh yes we ll be there !!! Would be awesome to meet up in 3D, for sure. There are times our host country does not let us access WordPress so make sure you let me know when you are around by also emailing me at See you X

      1. Email saved!! Sure thing, it would be so great if we could… hopefully next year or if you’re still there in 3 years. Baby Girl will be a struggle on the plane right now, she is such a diva! 😊

      2. Hehehe, you may be surprised. The most diva pf my kids slept almost all the way last time 🙂 See you here, if the pollution does not kick us out too early, we are in Hanoi for another 4 years. No excuse 🙂

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