Transformation or Cohabitation?


Hanoï vibes ! Speed and steady, modern yet still very traditional. My kind of town, with so much to explore and decipher. One of those places that you’ll never really know, no matter how much you read or visit ..

In response to WPC on Transformation 




9 thoughts on “Transformation or Cohabitation?

    1. Oh yes! incessant buzz but as long as we have Zenith Yoga 😉 THinking of you twice a week when I am attending the greatest Iyengar courses I ever had 🙂

    1. It seems to me that the transformation is very superficial though. Yes, mobiles phones are everywhere, but it is far less than in the Philippines for instance. According to a guide I recently had, the cult of the ancestors will always prevail, the traditions above everything. At least in Hanoi, more than in Ho Chi Minh .. I ll check it out during New Year when we’ll visit the capitale .. Very interesting place indeed, there is so much to learn and explore everywhere . You should add Hanoi to your wishing list to Santa 😉 Big Hugs

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