Father and Son

Every father should remember that his son will follow his example, not his advices“.


It’s a candid shot. Nothing posed, nothing framed. But it tells all the love my son has for his Dad. All his admiration, all his respect. Bless this time when anything his does or say is gold. A chance to remember that we are leading by example. “Monkeys see, monkeys do“, especially the little ones.

This picture always remind me to be more mindful, and watch my words and my actions. We can’t ask a kid not to yell if we do. If we shout, they will believe that shouting equals strength and authority. If we keep calm, they will consider calmness as a power. Easier said than done but definitely work in progress …

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Smile

12 thoughts on “Father and Son

  1. oh yes, actions are so very much underestimated when compared to words.
    Thanks for this great reminder – for being a “leader by doing”, and not only by talking (“leader” meaning for the kids as well as for other folks)

    1. Hello dear !!! Long, super long time no seen nor written 😉 Yes we all need this reminder from times to times, and it s became more and more obvious since I ve came to realise how the kids copy us… Of course on my side it is for the best ;))) Looking forward to talking more like in the goo’ol’times X

      1. yeah, I know, and my apologies for that! A few months ago I’ve completely stopped using the various social media channels, am back to “websites and blogs only”. However, I still do get every single one of your posts here, and they are a great joy indeed.
        Apart from that – I guess it is time for the next paper based letter. Fancy one? 😉

      2. Same for me actually ! I had to stop blogging because our host country does not really fancy WP. Now I am back to it because I found a way but I need to get back on a FB detox though ..
        Definitely fancy another paper based mail. Let’s email each other’s addresses 🙂

    1. Oh I ve been missing you too!!! At least I could follow your adventure on IG but it is not really the same as taking the time to read. Happy to be back and eager to reconnect 🙂 X

    1. Coucou m’sieur! Ça va tranquillou, période de transition sur laquelle je m’épancherais bientôt 😉 j’adore la photo en noir et blanc de ton dernier post, bizarre je n’ arrive pas à « liker ». Je compte les week-ends jusqu’à nos vacances européennes en cherchant plus activement un nouveau job .. et toi ?que vas tu faire de ce long WE ? Xxx

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