Unlikely to be found in Europe

You know you are in Asia …


I could use one .. but only as an extra layer of protection when traveling on the Grab moto on the bumpy Vietnamese roads.

I can’t imagine how uncomfy it must be to wear a fake but with 35 C outside and 90% of humidity. Lucky us Frenchies we come well equipped 🙂

In response to WPC on Unlikely


6 thoughts on “Unlikely to be found in Europe

    1. I thought the same when I saw them ! We are still living in a (very) man’s world 😉 Have a nice WE and congrats for the beautiful pic of the bird !

  1. Haha! I think I saw these on your Instagram at some point and thought the same – how incredibly uncomfortable. But women have been wearing uncomfortable things to look a certain way forever, right? Different things in different cultures and eras, but all making ourselves into something that is not altogether natural! (My choice would definitely not be a fake butt!)

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