You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

Just by looking in your rearview mirror..


Sometimes the simplest snapshot makes me pause and wonder.

My rearview is stuffed with tangled wires and like a Vietnamese on a scooter, I’d rather drive on the sideways than stopping for a split second.

Restlessness is in my blood, I need to figure everything out asap, so I know where I am going next. As if being active was the only way to Be.

Do you also feel this rush of anxiety at the mere thought of shutting up all your devices for an hour? I can find all the excuses of the world to turn them on: what if a teacher called for the kids, I need to get a recipe from Pinterest, finally it’s time to listen to my fav podcast, I should be calling my Mum instead, what does Jason Crandel have to say this week? ..

In our societies where Doing matters so much more than Being, where we can have all the distractions of the world at our fingertips, focusing inward has become such a challenge. Where will I get my vital dose of gratification if I don’t do anything remarkable today?

This picture is like me looking at my life now. An invitation to take time to untangle my thought, rewire my emotions and activate my OFF switch 15 mn a day. Kindly, slowly and caringly.

Let’s take this photo challenge to another level. See what a random picture can tell us and inspire us to seek new perspectives. This week will be about Being. No agenda but more mindful breathing. As “simple” as that.

Care to join? Feel free to copy paste the link to your post 🙂







14 thoughts on “You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

    1. Oh yes! I m starting slowly yet surely with 1 h off morning and evening. Not checking my phone before I escort the kids to school and forgetting about it even at diner time and slightly beyond. A humble yet big step for me 🙂 do you do digital detox as well ?
      thanks for your link! Beautiful take on the challenge:)

      1. Oh yes! I do digital detox for a day or 2 on some weekends and can’t stress it enough.. Being in I.T. and getting work calls anytime of the day on some weeks make it a challenge. I’m working on doing yoga and working out consistently and having ‘me’ time every day. Blogging also helps me as a sort of mental sorting and creative outlet before unplugging. You seem to be doing well and making strides as well 🙂

      2. Waou, you are doing it perfectly, thanks for the inspiration! Digit detox will be my challenge of this weekend, thanks for prompting it. One day though, step by step .. Have a great one !

      3. Oh, thank you!, I think there’s a +follow link/button at the bottom left of the page when viewing a post?

  1. You always weave a positive and meaningful thought into your posts … even when you are just looking at classic SE Asian twisted wires and admitting all your Doing-focused “sins”!! We all need this reminder to unwind our snarled, overly busy lives. 🙂

    1. Oh thanks 🙂 Those weeks have been so hectic, so many questionnings about almost everything under the sun. I love the feeling of achievement and obviously ego pride that comes with doing. But it is a restless one unless it comes with a real sense of being.
      what did they put in my coffee so I feel like a philosopher at 08:22 in the morning?…
      HAve a sweet one dear, off to read about your adventurse !

      1. 🙂 No I haven’t, good point – I will attempt one on the weekend and let you know how it goes. I was looking through my Vietnam photos only yesterday, and saw the egg coffee from Cafe Giang … mmmm.

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